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Friday, June 24, 2016

Five things that happened.

1. A month or two ago my best running buddy organized a 5K run in order to raise money for Alport Syndrome, which two of her sons have.  I was always going to go run, but Tristan decided that he wanted to do it as well, and he did! I suspect he's actually much faster than me, if he were trying, but I can run a long long ways. He ran the entire last mile about 3 yards in front of me, waiting for me to give up and walk. I didn't.

2. We were recently staying in a hotel with a pool, which we used a LOT while Mike was working at an event. I had picked up some cheap goggles for the kids on the way and they loved wearing them. On our second night there, Tristan left his in the pool area. When we returned to swim again early the next morning we discovered that someone had completely trashed them.  I just don't understand that. I can see if someone took them- clearly we had left them behind, and maybe they really wanted goggles, but why destroy them? I am still baffled.

3. Speaking of swimming, my kids are finally old enough to swim in a hotel pool while I sit happily on the sidelines and only keep half an eye out for drowning! This is such a huge parenting milestone. First you get them old enough to play on the playground unassisted, then they learn to swing without being pushed, and now, swimming. It completely changes my feelings about hotels.

4. Hamilton. I've resisted forever. It annoys me how much people love it, like when everyone loves the same book, only this was way worse. But then Noah did a report on Ben Franklin and he could.not.stop. talking about Ben Franklin. I started thinking that maybe the kids would like Hamilton, and I was right. Mike is not a huge fan, but he'll suffer through it for the quiet it brings to the back seat.

5. Lauren graduated from Kindergarten, and Tristan is going to be in middle school next year. What? How? I don't even know.  I completely teared up at Lauren's graduation- my last one!


  1. Good for you and Tristan! I can't believe Lauren is that old already!

  2. Hard to believe your kiddos have gotten so old. lol Doesn`t seem possible. :)

  3. The destruction never made sense to me either. I can see taking - especially if they're left behind - but destroying is just mean. I've resisted Hamilton too but I'm getting curious. Love the pic of Lauren at graduation!

  4. I like the theme, 5 on Friday. I hear, or I should say read, about people loving Hamilton too. Are you reading the book or watching the play? Video I mean.
    That is such crap about destroying the goggles. Wouldn't you have loved to walk in on that scene as they were being destructive. Chew them an another butthole is what they need. Rotten.
    Love that you are running with your son! If zombies come you'll want me around because I will slow them down as you get away!

  5. Tristan is going to be in middle school?! How the hell did that happen?!


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