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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Monday Math. On Wednesday.

Yeah yeah. I'm behind.

Monday's Math- 93 books in (this is the last one), 38 books read, 55 books behind. I'm not reading so much this week, because I have a new obsession. Remember a few days ago when I posted about my lovely tote bags? Well I've made a few more since then. And then I SOLD one. (this one) For actual real cash money. They kind you can SPEND ON BOOKS. Suddenly, visions of retirement swam through my head, and it became an obsession. So I opened a shop on Etsy. Ok, so there's only one bag up for sale right now, but you should see my sewing room! There will be more, soon. I even added it to my side bar, see?
I returned two books to the library UNREAD yesterday. The first was Sharper Than A Serpent's Tooth- the next Simon R Green Nightside book for me. I just didn't ever get to it and couldn't renew it again. I'll definately go back for it later this summer.
For ordained minister Bennett, familiarity breeds wisdom. She examines eight of
the world's great faith traditions, mining them for transcendent practices and
forms applicable to any spiritual discipline. Prior to a culminating multifaith
chapter on service, Bennett explores Hinduism's home altars; Buddhism's
meditation practices; Islam's rewards of surrendering in a daily cascade of
prayers; Judaism's observance of the Sabbath to keep relationships with friends
and family intact; Christianity's rich legacy of forgiveness; Native American
spirituality's nature insights; Taoism's trust in the processes of life; and New
Thought's application of "visioning" to discern calling and course. Each chapter
uses broad brush strokes to cover the elements of each tradition, as well as the
author's running personal narrative to reveal how this approach has unfolded in
her own life and teaching. Bennett's thrust is always on seeing how other
traditions can support, not erode or supplant, an existing faith.
Sounds like something I'd like! But something about the author's writing style kept putting me off, and I never got it read. I finally couldn't renew it any longer and so took it back. I'll probably try it again in the future.
Still reading A Thousand Splendid Suns at home, and have Anne of Green Gables in my bag. I hope to actually READ something at some point soon.

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