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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Weekly Recap 4

He might be almost three, but he really is still my baby! Today was an extravaganza of chocolate, candy, more chocolate, and some chocolate. It's almost 6 and he's just not finishing up his nap.

For Easter we dyed eggs. This is early in the game, before he just dunked them all in every color and stained his fingers a muddy brown color. I only boiled 10 eggs, so the whole event took roughly 37 seconds. He loved doing it, but since I'm the only one in the house who eats hard boiled eggs, I wasn't willing to make more. This morning the Easter Bunny showed up and from across the room he could see that his basket contained WILL TURNER. This almost fills out his pirate collection- we are only missing the "girl pirate."

This week I finished off one book- Moneyball, reviewed here on Wednesday. Yesterday I read the first half of 1-2-3 Magic which I am planning to review in parts. I picked Heat Stroke back up and got another chapter into it. While I do enjoy it a lot while I am reading it this one is really easy for me to put down and not be interested in going back to. I felt the same way about the first in the series. My husband's birthday is today, and I finished filling out the Dresden file books for him, so I'm thinking I might go onto those instead of picking up the next Rachel Caine when I make it through this one.

In baby preparedness- we got almost everything that didn't belong in the nursery out of the nursery this weekend. The furniture is in place. The curtains are hung (AND IRONED!) Still need to buy a mattress so we can make the bed, wash the bedding on the day bed, and finish the sewing. I have the quilt top almost done, just need to decide on a border and I can start quilting. We also need to bring up the teeny baby clothes and wash them, but it can be done after the monkey's party. I just want the room itself done.

Speaking of the monkey's party- anyone know what pirates eat?
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  1. Hmm...I think pirates eat oranges so they won't get scurvy!

  2. Do you want to do my baby's nursery while you're at it? I wish I could quilt...the ones in stores are SO expensive!


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