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Friday, July 18, 2008

More giveaways...

Sometimes I worry that my blog is becoming just another path to a giveaway some place else. I understand the need to enter though, so many generous bloggers are giving away such great stuff. I plan to give some stuff away myself, if I can ever find the time to think my giveaway through, and I'm planning to ask people to post about it on THEIR blogs. So, without more rambling, two more giveaways:

First this adorably cute little dress at Grosgrain (follow that link to enter, enter by Monday!):

Then, at Old Red Barn Co. she is giving away a spectacular quilt. I would never ever ever be able to give it up if I made it, it's that pretty.
I mean really, could you?


  1. No. No, I absolutely could not. Sigh!

  2. Hi madfoot!

    She had something like 24,500 entries! GULP!


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