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Friday, July 18, 2008

Recent sewing-

I've been busy sewing little gifts lately, that I haven't been able to post here yet. Finally today is the last of the unveiling so I can (Happy Birthday, Brianna!)

First, a little jewelry bag. It's the same pattern as all the wedding bags I made a month or so ago, but this one is black with little red cherries on it. The fabric is Mary Englebreit cherries, so if you are familiar with her stuff, that's what it looks like. The inside is red with little diamonds:

I made some gifts for my brother's wife, who is expecting a baby next month. This will be my mother's 7th (biological) grandchild and the first girl. I made a small tote bag, a ton of burp cloths, and this cool little carry-all blanket. The blanket has loops on the corners to carry toys in- it all comes together with a carbiner to fasten on your stroller. Stunt baby not included.

Last (and I may have posted this one before), I made myself an awesome purse. It's pretty big, holds tons of crap (all of which I NEED) and is awfully cute.

More pictures of all of these at Sew What Bags.

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  1. That is a great baby blanket/toy thing!! When we get around to having kids I'll definitely need one of those. My husband will love anything with a carbiner. :)


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