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Saturday, November 29, 2008

7 Random Reading things about me

I've seen this one go around and around, and since I can't think of anything else to blog about today, I thought I'd give it a shot.

  1. The first "grown-up" book I read was Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh. I have no idea why I thought this was different from the other chapter books I'd been reading, but I did. Obviously, it is aimed right at the demographic I was in at the time.
  2. I used to collect the original yellow covered Nancy Drew books. At one point there was a finate number of them, and I had all but one or two. There were some new ones coming out in paperback, but I was a real snob about them. When my collection was near complete, I found a cardboard box to display them in. I spent an afternoon carefully removing the flaps and spray painting the box white, inside and out. I was too impatient to wait for the paint to dry and I put my books in the box while it was still wet. I bet you can see where this is going...
  3. I read a *lot* of romance novels in high school and college. I firmly believe that it does not matter what you read, so long as you read something.
  4. The very first book listed in my reading journal, from January of 1993, is called Michael's Wife. I did not meet Mike until 1999.
  5. The librarian at the public library in the town where I grew up hated me. She was convinced that I was a horrible kid. She all but chased me out of the building and very strongly suggested that I never go back. I never did. The librarian at my junior high LOVED me. She would order books with me in mind and hold books so that I could read them before they were put out. These things happened the same year.
  6. If anything scary or overly tense happens in a book I have to physically put the book down and stop reading. Sometimes this is for minutes, sometimes days. It can be good tense or bad tense, but either way, I stop.
  7. There are 214 unread books in my bedroom alone. There are boxes of books in the garage that I've been moving around with me, unread, since high school. There are shelves in the living room, the basement and the Bug's room full of more books. Many of those are unread too. There are a dozen more recent aquisitions right here by my computer. I have read less than 40 books this year.
Anyone else who hasn't done this one? Consider yourself tagged.


  1. 214 books! Oh my gosh. You'll have time to read more as your kids get older - of course, you'll have acquired even more books by then.

  2. I collected Hardy Boys and Alfred Hitchcock & the Three Investigators. Never did a display for them, though ... And yes to reading romances in high school! I remember a science teacher who was kind of clueless, and I spent that entire class with a Harlequin Romance hidden in my textbook. I used to read ten of those a week (that's what it felt like, anyway). I now have this thing against amnesia and hidden babies in books!

  3. Kathy, there's probably at least that many more just in the main living areas. I have no idea how many are in the garage, and truthfully, will never read them but can't possibly get rid of them now.

    Ms. Bookish, half the books in the garage are Harlequins. I won't tell you how many of those have babies in them! I still read romance, but not secret babies.

  4. That Librarian sounds like a horrible person. I'm so sorry your public library experience was tainted because of the likes of her. Shame on her!

    I read a lot of romances in my time. I went through them quickly and my friends and I swapped with each other.

    Nancy Drew is what got me reading as a kid BTW.

  5. I don't deal with tense parts well either. Stress!

  6. O you sound like me! Well except the librarian hating you thing :) That's too funny.

  7. I really enjoy these 7 little fact memes. They're so much fun to read!

    I read a lot of romance novels in high school too.

    I wonder why the public librarian didn't like you--maybe she had her own issues. At least you still were able to go to the school library!

  8. Glad I'm not the only one collecting books faster than I can read them! I figure I have at least 5 years of reading just from my shelf if I don't get any more books--but I think I added close to 100 this year (some from giveaways, most of them used copies, some gifts). Crazy!

    I love #4 about Michael's Wife and your husband Mike. Too cool!


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