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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Please help!

Anyone have suggestions for non-scary, not too exciting, bed time music? The Pirate suddenly wants music at bedtime and it's it's hard to find a CD that doesn't have something that scares him. I have quite the collection of Disney soundtracks, but they all have at least one scary song. (Poor Unfortunate Souls, The Mob Song, Be Prepared, etc.) His CD player is not one you can program to skip tracks. He does not want lullabies because they are for babies. Every classical music CD we've tried has something scary. The only thing that's worked so far is an Animaniacs CD. Tonight I dug out my old Enya CDs, but it's been so long since I listened to them that I don't know if there's anything that will freak him out or not. Tomorrow night, we'll try Christmas music.

Any suggestions?


  1. My little guy listens to Backyardigans, Blues Clues, Caillou, and Little People CDs. I also bought him a Robert Munsch one (Munsch reads from his stories in it) which totally backfired because he would just spend an hour howling with laughter when he was supposed to be falling asleep. :) One great place to check is iTunes - you can download a lot of children's music there, and if you stick with specific shows, the songs aren't scary.

  2. The Backyardigans are probably my favorite kids CDs, but they can be a bit exciting for little ones at bedtime.

    Some really great CDs I came across for calming the babes down at nap/bed times is Rockabye Baby! collections. Each CD is a set of songs by specific artists but re-done in lullaby melodies. My niece's faves are Beatles and Bob Marley.

  3. My son (now 4) goes to bed each night to The Wiggles. (I think the album we have is called Toot Toot.) He has been for the last couple of years. Every so often we try something else, but somehow the Wiggles CD goes back in there. Fortunately we ripped it for playing in the car as the original CD has been played to the point it died and we had to replace it with a backup copy.

  4. My favorite kid's CD is called "You Are My Little Bird" by Elizabeth Mitchell. She also has 2 other kid's CDs. Her music is absolutely gorgeous - light and folksy. Kids and adults love it. It's very relaxing with no scary songs.

    For classical music - you could try George Winston. I have most of his cds and it's just gorgeous piano music, I don't think there are any parts at all that turn scary. (The lack of stringed instruments helps.)

    George Winston is what I always listen to when I want to relax. :)

    You could also try burning a custom mixed CD - then you could only put things on it that he'd like.

  5. I was going to recommend Enya as a possibility or maybe some sonatas by Mozart or chopin.

  6. My kids liked guitar music when they slept at their daycare. It was one of those cheap compilation cd's that you get at Walmart. It sounded like someone just strumming a guitar. It was relaxing, even to me.

  7. Thanks everyone, for the suggestions. I think I'll take a look this afternoon and see what is out there.

  8. I listened to Enya when I would be home from college and my sister said it sounded creepy from the other room but she is weird. (Note to self don't tell Becca about this site) I like Yanni for relaxation and sleep. That is what I play when Bitty and the Boy stay with me. Sarah


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