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Friday, May 01, 2009

Random Friday

The apple tree outside my window is full of Goldfinches. We have a finch feeder but they never noticed it until today.

Both my kids are sick. The Pirate cried that his ear hurt from about 2 am until about 5. He's finally consented to some ibuprofen and what do you know? He's feeling fine. Still gonna take him in, but MAN I wish he'd have taken the drugs at 2.

We were supposed to camp this weekend. I guess with sick kids we probably won't. It'll be 3 weeks before we get another chance.

Have you seen Bench Monday? I love flickr.

Trish's Non-Fiction Challenge starts today. I'm in.

Which Jane Austen do I read next? Emma, Northanger Abby, or Mansfield Park? I just finished up Persuasion- review to come next week.

I am almost done with I Love a Man in Uniform by Lily Burana. I'll be reviewing that next week, and hopefully having some fun with Lily herself. The book is excellent.

I could use a cup of coffee.



  1. Hope the kids feel better. Ear pain is no fun :(

  2. Hope the kids feel better soon. Our goldfinches take my filling up the feeders as a challenge. They try to see if they can set a new record for how quickly they can empty them. Then they line up on the back fence and stare at me until I refill them.

  3. I hope your kids feel better! I love the finch picture. I wish we had more colorful birds here. I remember how excited I was when I first saw a cardinal back east.

    As far as the Jane Austen goes, I haven't read any of the ones that you've listed, so I'm afraid I wouldn't be much help.

  4. So sorry your kids are sick! We were planning to go camping this weekend as well, but had terrible storms, so we cancelled.

  5. *BUZZ*
    Love the randomness! I need to do one of those kinda posts, too... It would fit me perfectly...
    Laura H...

  6. How pretty! I think I've seen a goldfinch in Michigan, but not here. You don't have any leaves on your trees and we're already getting all hot and humid! Unfair. The mosquitoes are driving me nuts.

    Hope your kiddies feel better soon. Earaches are miserable.

  7. Hope Bug and Pirate are feeling better by now! And Yay for NFF. :D

  8. Ti, they seem completely healed now!

    Suzi, I think seeing the finches lined up would be pretty cute! They do seem to blow through the food pretty fast. I understand the giant bags of birdfood now.

    Alyce, there are tons of colorful birds here. There is one I keep meaning to look up that is a pretty iridescent blue color.

    Laura, camping in storms is no fun, good call!

    NandLaura, I just emailed you!

    Bookfool, the trees have tiny leaves now. It's amazing how fast it goes when they finally start to leaf out.

    Trish, Please, remind me OFTEN about the Non-fiction challenge.


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