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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Pioneer Woman's Reader's All time Favorite books (A list!)

Pioneer Woman is one of my favorite blogs to read. A while back she asked what our favorite book was, and today she posted a list of the top favorites. I thought it would be fun to see how many I'd read. Feel free to play along, if you so desire. The number following each title is the number of votes each of these books got in her poll.  I have provided links to the titles I have read, but NOT to the titles I have not read. I've read 35 out of 50, not so shabby!  How did you do?

To Kill a Mockingbird [2222]

The Bible [2017]

Pride and Prejudice [1508]

Gone with the Wind [1268]

Harry Potter (series) [1110]

Anne of Green Gables [1009]

Little Women [916]

Redeeming Love [633]

Jane Eyre [598]

Twilight (series) [560] (but have only read the first)

Outlander (series) [477]

Little House on the Prairie (series) [454]

The Lord of the Rings (series) [376]

The Catcher in the Rye [363]

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn [349]

The Great Gatsby [334]

Where the Red Fern Grows [343]

Secret Garden [318]

The Stand [285]

Giving Tree [277]

East of Eden [275]

Poisonwood Bible [266]

The Notebook [258]

Charlotte’s Web [243]

Red Tent [218]

Time Traveler’s Wife [215]

Pillars of the Earth [203]

Wrinkle in Time [202]

A Prayer For Owen Meany [211]

Atlas Shrugged [193]

Count of Monte Cristo [190]

The Grapes of Wrath [183]

The Little Prince [173]

My Childhood [164]

Wuthering Heights [160]

The Hobbit [149]

Lonesome Dove [141]

Love You Forever [135]

Kite Runner [131]

Outsiders [129]

Rebecca [128]

Ender’s Game [128]

The Outsider [128] (hmm. Same as Outsiders?)

Les Miserables [128]

Secret Life [127]

Goodnight Moon [122]

My Sister’s Keeper [119]

Secret Life of Bees [119]

Eat, Pray, Love [118]

Persuasion [117]

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  1. All great titles...I highly recommend the Outlander series by Diane Gabaldon!!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Lisa. I've read 22 of the books listed.

  3. I've read 20 - and most of the others I've been meaning to read forever!

  4. We have read a lot of the same books! One of my favorites is A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. If you have time, it's worth reading!

  5. 31 for me. You haven't read Wuthering Heights? Not sure we can be friends. :P

    Love You Forever is a book I always buy new moms. LOVE it.

    PS--hope you're having a great birthday!

  6. I have not read many of them. I don't want to read most of them either. Am I pathetic? LOL!


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