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Friday, January 14, 2011

Random post for a birthday

Random Thoughts:

  • Today is my best friend's birthday- Happy Birthday Gina!
  • The above picture is a month old, but I finally have a chance to post some of the old ones. I love that one. Would you believe we haven't printed ONE picture of our lovely daughter?
  • No one answered last week when I asked how you store belts, so let's try a different one- how do you store your shoes?
  • Tomorrow we're headed back to the old house to finish up the painting and try to move the stuff we left behind. I expect to be exhausted by the end of the weekend.
  • This house that we live in is on the market, and it has been shown three times in the last two days. It is nervewracking.
  • My dog and the neighbor's dog do not like each other and start arguments every time they meet. They have lived there 25 years. We have lived here one month. It is not pretty.
  • This week we went to the Mops meeting on Tuesday, storytime on Wednesday, and the playgroup on Thursday. Now I need an adult group to join.
Books I Read This Week:
A Look Back at this week's posts:

Shop Update:

Nothing new in the shop this week, yikes!  I did a little sewing on the side for the lovely Amanda and have made plans to do some other fun sewing for a non-blogging friend, so sewing continues. I also have six more knitting needle rolls in various colors at the 75% complete point, so those will show up some time early next week.

What's on your weekend's agenda? Sewing? Reading? Painting? Cleaning?

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  1. I love the photo too! I keep my shoes in their boxes, stacked in my closet.

  2. I keep belts in a basket.
    I keep shoes in those shoe pockets that you hang over a hanger bar. But I only use that for shoes we don't wear all the time.

    For shoes that we use all the time I have two big baskets that the kids kick their shoes off in. Keeps the clutter to a minimum and provides easy access.

    Did I hear you right? The house you are in is on the market? You could be moving again??

  3. Most of my everyday shoes I just throw in a laundry basket on the floor of my closet. I keep the nicer shoes in their boxes and stack them on the shelf above my hanging clothes (I only have 3 or 4 pairs of nice shoes).

  4. I hang belts on a hanger in the closet. My shoes are in 2 drawers from The Container Store in the closet. The kids take their shoes off at the door and they are lined up there or in their rooms, hopefully their closets.

    I am reading Cutting for Stone.

  5. I love that photo. You have such great kids.

    Thank you for the birthday wishes. It was a really nice day (even though I am sure that someone reduced my normal 24hour day into about 12.)

    I keep my belts on a hanger in the closet. My shoes are on shelves in my closet (or sometimes on the floor of the closet - let us be honest with one another). The boys have a long Rubbermaid box (like for wrapping paper) on the floor of their closet. Their shoes go there. There is also a wicker basket for shoes in the coat closet. We are allowed to have a pair or two in there. My husband's shoes are ALWAYS either on his feet or on the top shelf of his closet. They can NEVER be found any other place.

    This weekend we have Family Game/Pizza Night, one basketball game, dinner out for my birthday, picking up my birthday present, and probably more games. I like games and we only had time for one round of Sorry last night.

    I am proud of your getting yourself out there. You Rock!

  6. Great picture!

    I don't really own belts... hmm. Oh, I do! I keep the 2-3 that I have rolled up in my underwear drawer. ;)

    Shoes.. Well, I keep them in the coat closet. Everyone else in my family leaves them ALL OVER THE PLACE. Gaah!

    Good luck with the houses. What stress.

  7. Oh, first the shoes. My dress shoes and boots are stored in the boxes they came in, all of which have pics on the outside so I know what is what. Everything I wear more often is in my mudroom either on a shelf or a hanging shoe holder on the back of the door.

    Now, about the house. What do you mean it's on the market? You just moved there! What if they sell it? Will you have to move again? I'm so confused!

  8. We don't have many belts--I have three that I should toss because they're probably from high school and Scott has a few he wears to work. We have this anchor shaped hanger that we hang them on--one side his, one side mine. Shoes all get thrown on the ground. My closet is a disaster but it's not set up very well.

    Wonder if you can email pictures to Walmart (or upload them online) and have them printed at the store--so you don't have to pay for 1 hour or make two trips. I bet you can. I haven't printed pictures since Scott and I went to Yellowstone/Sturgis a year and half ago.

  9. ADORABLE pic! She's such a little cutie--as are the boys. :) I'm amazed at all that you accomplish with little ones scurrying around. I still always feel like I'm trying to keep up.

  10. She is getting so big!

    Our belts go on a hanger that is made for belts.

    Shoes are lined up in the closet, on a double shoe rack, and also in a built in pull down.

  11. Ooo! Baby girl is getting so big! And she's still absolutely adorable.

    Our shoes are all over the place. I'm too busy chasing my crazy 3YO around the house to fix the shoe problem. We're working on it though. MOST of them ARE in the closet and my daughter has a shoe thing hanging on her door for her (and her brother's) shoes.


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