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Friday, January 28, 2011

Rannnnndom Friday

Random Thoughts:

  •  I should really make a new banner. This one is quite old.
  • What is on your table? I mean when it's all nice and clean, not when you just came home from work and dumped everything you were carrying on the table to join the breakfast dishes. A table runner? Candles? What? Mine is currently empty but after a month of a Christmas centerpiece I feel like it's so bare.
  • I interviewed for a job on Monday. I have not heard from them but the ad is back in the paper. I suspect this is not a good sign.
  • Baby girl is out of sorts. She's five months old this week so I suspect teeth are the culprit.
  • They are showing the house that I live in tomorrow. The house that I own now has a sign in the yard. Don't worry, as soon as there is a listing I will be spamming it all over the interwebs.
Books I Read This Week:
A Look Back:
Shop Update:
Not a lot of sewing going on this week. I did make up a custom name banner, and tried out an idea for fabric cuff bracelets, but no new shop listings.

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  1. That's the Bug playing with the Princess, right? So sweet. My son never played with my daughter... five years was a bit too much of a gap for them to want to play together.

    My dinning room table doesn't have anything on it. I used to use runners and tablecloths but they'd slide around too much with the kids so I just got rid of them. For nice dinners we use candles.

  2. Our dining room table is nothing but a catch all. It's an old breakfast nook table that we don't eat at. On our kitchen table I like to have our napkin holder and S&P. No runner or placemats. I'm not against them though.

  3. My dining room table is a dumping ground. I only clean it for company. My kitchen table always has a tablecloth on it and the daily newspaper, when we aren't eating. It isn't big enough for anything else, we usually are six when eating.

    When the kids were little and the hubby was out of town, which was a lot, I would read books to them. It got them to eat. some of them were fussy. As they got older we graduated to chapter books. I miss those days.

    I like your header, but I am sure you want to add you daughter, just don't change it too much!

  4. Good luck on the job hunt and house selling as well. I don't know how you handle all of it...the stress would kill me. Love that picture of the kiddos!

  5. We never use the table, so it has a runner and candles. Nothing else. Ever. Not even mail, since there's a built in cabinet off of the hallway/entry for that purpose.

  6. 5 months old. Really? Wow!

    My kitchen table is covered with Scott's crap. We don't eat at the table (oops!) so it never gets cleaned off. Even when I've nagged him every single day this week. Anyway. My dining room table has a Christmas table runner. I don't have anything to replace it with, so it's staying up. Can't really tell it's Christmasy, though.

    Love that picture of the kiddos playing!


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