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Thursday, June 30, 2011


A couple weeks ago I was browsing Pinterest and found this amazing quilt. 

I know, right? SO gorgeous!

I became obsessed. I decided I had to make one of my own, despite never having sewn a hex or done any hand piecing. I finally settled on a large scale floral print composed of red, pink, coral, blue, teal, aqua, black, white and a little yellow and green. I carefully cut each 2 3/8" square so that I had matching sets of six. This took forever to line up the print. It's not perfect, but it's very close.

Fabric for hexie quilt

I bought enough fabric for all the center hexes and the multicolor ring of 6 hexes. I cut enough squares to make 132 "flowers", not including the outer (almost) solid ring. This is enough for a king sized quilt.  I'll have to buy the outer fabric as I go, I can't afford it all at once, or probably even find enough variation all at once, in Pierre, SD. I did the math and not including the border I will need 2,508 hand-sewn hexies. I estimate another 500 in the border. As of this posting, I have sewn 54. I have 585 squares cut and ready to go.


The first three, amazingly, these are all from the same fabric!

Hex #4
The fourth one.

Finished hexie

One with a finished ring. I'm not thrilled with the black and white, but am trying to imagine it in a giant quilt. I think it will be terrific there. Isn't it amazing how the outer ring changes the look of the inner flower? (Seen in the picture of the first three?)

I am determined to make this for myself. I am not in a hurry and I realize that it is likely to take years. I'm going to find some kind of progress widget to add to my sidebar.  I'm going to take pictures every so often and add them to flickr. You can subscribe to the feed here, if you want. It will be slow, but when it is done, it will be amazing.

(And I will be paying someone to quilt it for me!)

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  1. I would love to learn how to quilt someday. My mom has been making quilts for the past few days - so far she has made one for me and my husband and my siblings as well as all of my children. She is working on the younger grandkids' quilts now- they are a wonderful gift.

  2. The ones you did are amazing..even the last one that you aren't too fond of. I can't believe it's all from the same fabric.

  3. They are all gorgeous! Very, very ambitious of you to try to do this along with everything else.

  4. Oh I love the black and white one. I like the swirly nightness of it.

    Best of luck, it looks like a big job. I think I'd be happy to only take a couple of years to make a quilt like that!

  5. George, you need to fix your no-reply thing so I can comment to you!!

  6. This will look amazing when it is finished! Good luck!

  7. You are a project-based woman! The quilt will look gorgeous-you've chosen great fabric.

  8. O my gosh, that is gorgeous! I love your fabric picks!! I can't wait to see the progress!


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