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Monday, July 18, 2011

A month of sewing, show and tell.

One of the things I got to do a lot of while mom was here was sew.  With her help with the kids, I made pinafores, aprons, napkins, clutches and a handful of other fun things. Ready for a little show and tell?

Girls pinafore

First up was this custom order pinafore. This is similar to the one I made for the Princess, only sized to fit a big girl. It's roughly a size 7 or 8. I tried it on the Pirate, who wears a 6, and it was a little big. He was not willing to have his picture taken in a dress though, so you have to imagine it on. I added a bit of bias trim to the neck and a pocket for her stuff. The inside is a rich chocolate brown. I also made a cute set in a cherry print for a pair of adorable sisters. These were sized 12 month and 3T. I'm considering adding these to the shop, but haven't really decided yet. If you need one for a little girl in your life email me and we'll work something out.

Next up, a pair of little pants for the Princess made out of a bandana. SO fast and easy. I have a second bandana that I'm going to make up and I plan to use them for my very first tutorial. I'm gonna call it "So easy you could figure it out on your own, but since its nice to be told what to do, here're instructions!" Catchy, no? (This picture was taken before I put the elastic in, but they are in the wash now, so no complete picture.)

This item and the next are a little, well, boring. First, mom wanted some little towels to put over her dining room chairs. She has 3 cats and 6 grandkids that visit frequently and wanted a little protection on the chairs. We picked up two summery vinyl tablecloths and I cut them down and ran them through the serger. They wouldn't have frayed if we'd just cut them, but "hemming" the edges make them a tiny bit nicer looking.

This was a 5 minute job- stuff your plastic bags in the top, pull them out the bottom. I guess she used the first one she had until it ripped!

Cloth napkins

Then the napkins. Mom's kitchen is black, white and red so we choose two black and white patterns. The napkins with the dots are half sized napkins (7x14). This is typically the size we use here at home and is great for kids and for tucking into lunchboxes. We did 24 of these (see: 6 grandkids). The white and black swirls are full sized napkins (14x14) and we did 9 of them. We used a simple rolled hem on the serger and it was a quick and easy project.

Gathered clutches.

Next up a pair of gathered clutches. These were a lot faster than I expected. Inside they have a divider and a couple little slots for credit cards. Super easy and fun. The front one is for mom and the back one was supposed to be mine, but I've decided to give it to a friend of mine instead. I'm definitely adding these to the shop, once I find a good deal on zippers.

Front of art smock.

Back of art smock

Last, a child's art smock. This is similar to a bib for a baby, but lined with waterproof fabric and with a large divided pocket. It has arm holes to keep it centered on their chest and ties behind the neck. This one is on it's way to Alabama for use in mom's classroom, but there are more underway to be added to the shop this summer. This version is machine washable, but I'm also planning some with a vinyl top layer that you'd just wipe down when they are done. I'm not sure if those will get a pocket or not.

We also made the two water bottle totes seen here, and there are four more of those cut and ready to sew.

In addition to all this sewing, I found ideas for about a dozen more things that I just HAVE to make, but I think I'll save that for another post!

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  1. I'm not sure if it's you or if it's me, but I can't see the pictures.

  2. I don't know what happened, but I can see the pictures now! You are so talented and creative! That art smock is adorable!

  3. These all turned out just great. The dress is just too cute and I would have loved to have seen a picture of pirate in it :) LOL!

  4. All great stuff! I'm really hoping you find a deal on zippers soon because I am loving those purses!


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