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Friday, August 26, 2011

Random Friday: The shocker is at the end.

Neumann banner
  • The most recent custom banner, I think this is number 52.
  • I'm skipping the challenge today. It's to dress up jeans and a T-shirt and I'm just not feeling it.
  • Thanks for all your good thoughts for the Bug and back to school. It's been a tough few days. He is very needy and clingy. 
  • Speaking of, I think he is scared of... lightbulbs. Yeah, I know, crazy. But I really think he is afraid of the light fixtures, specifically the one over the vanity in the bathroom, but sometimes others.
  • I've started the process of cleaning out the storage unit. We're hoping to sell a ton of stuff and then put the rest in our garage and save ourselves the monthly money.  It's gonna be a huge project.
  • Mike is off this weekend (which means he'll only go in for a couple hours each day) and we have no plans except to work a bit on the storage unit.  I've pretty excited because we've decided to bring my sewing cabinet back to the apartment. 
  • Hexes are coming along very slowly, but I did add two more small rings this week. (Link in the left sidebar, if you're curious.)
  • Have you ever felt like you have so many good ideas, and you're right on the verge of breaking through to something big, something successful, but you just don't have QUITE enough time in your day to get there? No? Just me?  I've had several very stressful days this week where I had so many things that had to be done and all I could think about was how very close I was to finally getting somewhere with other things. The had to be dones are what are paying the bills, while the almosts might pay bills one day. It's a tough balance.
What I read this week:
  • Nothing. Seriously. I know.


  1. Poor little Bug and poor little Bug's mama.

  2. Hope you can get as much done this weekend as you'd like to. "Have you ever felt like you have so many good ideas..." Oh, yes. Not only time, but just a little extra cash to get started. Now, after all the children are grown, I don't have the energy.

  3. PS: You might want to be asking various children what they told Bug about light bulbs. Or, he could have seen something on TV that scared him. It is interesting what scares different people.


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