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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Random Friday: Late again.

  • Who turned on the Fall switch this morning?
  • I get the Martha Stewart Craft of the Day email every day. I can not tell you how many times I see a cool idea on Pinterest and THEN it shows up on MS a week or two later.
  • I'm still doing the 21 Day Challenge, but I haven't been taking photographs. I'm really glad I'm doing it because it's really opened my eyes up to more options in my closet and to what I should be looking for to fill spots. Also, it seems like many of us have this shirt.
  • The Pirate is suddenly undergoing a bit of separation anxiety. Yes, the 6 year old. I suspect it has to do with school, but he is incredibly paranoid that I am going to leave him behind somewhere. If I am in the garage for 5 minutes he will check on me 10 times, no exaggeration. If I take the garbage out he will come stand on the sidewalk to make sure I come back. He can no longer fall asleep in his room, he has to come sleep near us. It is crazy making. I wonder what happened to make him nervous.
  • My absolutely perfect work at home job is ending in two weeks, a layoff of sorts. I'm scrounging for things to bring in a little income, so expect more sewing posts.
  • Starting next week we'll have a little friend staying with us part-time. This will provide a tiny bit of income, but more importantly it will give the Bug someone to play with.
  • On Friday I heard the Pirate reading a book outloud to the Bug on the way to school. Awww.
  • We've decided to give up the storage unit, which means alllllllll our crap will be in this apartment soon. I've been sorting and selling and donating even more stuff. A few more moves and we'll be able to comfortably live in a one room cabin, I think.
  • Preparations for a birthday party are underway, just as soon as I get off this chair.
What I read this week:
  • I picked up Divergent again and go sucked way in.
  • What the Librarian Did by Karina Bliss was a nice little romance. About halfway through I noticed that the cover said "Larger Print" all over it. Yay for Larger Print!


  1. It's not going to be fall her until next week. This summer has been the hottest ever here.

  2. Fall was here this past week, but summer is back today. Nice newsy post. Gotta love large print as long as the book isn't abridged. Pirate's anxiety is worrisome. Have you talked to his teacher? Maybe talk to Pirate first? Never know what goes on in their busy minds.

  3. Good luck with the job! I love when my oldest reads to the little ones. Those are the memories I will cherish when they get older :)

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