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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Happy Birthday, Princess Dorothy.

My sweet baby girl turned one this week. If you're wonder how that could have happened, so am I. We didn't want to go all out on a party, but she needed a little cake of her own, so we had a Wizard of Oz Princess party for her. I made her a little Dorothy dress and found her a pair Ruby slippers.
I was in love with all the multi-colored cakes on Pinterest, so I made a pink one for her. I frosted it in white, with pink sugar.

In lieu of giving her her own cake, we cut a big chunk out of the big cake.

As it turned out, she was not at all interested in smushing it with her hands and insisted on (trying to) use a spoon.
 I have no idea how a year has passed already, but I can tell you that I can't imagine life without her. She's my sweet, smart, funny, tiny (18 pounds, only 14th percentile!) girl.
She makes me happy, every single day. I can't imagine how I ever thought I had enough.
I love you, baby girl.


  1. Aw, happy birthday to the Princess!

  2. What a cute little birthday celebration.

    And Ella only weighed 17.5 pounds at her 1 year check up. So the Princess is in good company.

  3. Oh, she is absolutely adorable ... and that Wizard of Oz party/outfit is so cute! Happy Birthday!

  4. Elisabeth/ladybook2112:55 PM, September 04, 2011

    She sure is a cutie! All 4 of my kids were only 16 pounds at a year and the boys were off the bottom of the charts. So, the Princess is perfect! Good luck with the storage down sizing!

    Happy Belated Birthday Princess!

  5. Such a sweetheart. Happy Birthday, Princess.

  6. Adorable!! I love the cake and the Dorothy outfit is so adorable!! I can not believe she's only 18 pounds. My little guy seems HUGE in comparison! We laugh that he'll be football player :) Happy birthday little one! I can't believe it's been a year!

  7. Awww, what a cute party idea! Her outfit is just perfect, and you did a great job with the cake! Happy Birthday to the Princess!

  8. Happy birthday sweet princess! I can't believe that she's a year already and the shoes are PERFECT. ;)

    18 pounds, huh? Man, Elle is going to be a chunker in comparison I think. She's already 13.5 and only 4 months! (42 percentile)

  9. SO cute baby and happy belated birthday to this cute baby i love this baby.

  10. She is just precious! And that cake looks super yummy..I'm impressed that you made it all by yourself. I cannot bake :(

  11. Oh my goodness, where did a year go?! Well, you've certainly had a very busy year so it's no surprise that it's flown by for you! Her outfit is adorable.

  12. Lisa, Lisa, LISA! Oh my goodness. Happy Birthday to the sweetest little princess!!! xo

    The cake looks delicious! :)


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