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Friday, September 16, 2011

Random Friday: Jumping in with both feet

  • Big news! I've decided to enter a craft show. I'm so nervous. What if I don't have enough stuff made in time? What if everyone walks by and no one looks? What if someone else does it better and we're right next to each other?? But, deep breath and here I go!
  • That said, it seems that I'm jumping in with both feet and trying to make a decent income with this sewing thing. 10 years ago I would never have predicted this.
  • I'd still love it if you followed the shop on Facebook!
  • Our days with Bo Peep are going well. I spent much of this week teaching her and the Bug about eating schedules, and that if you leave your sandwich on the table and walk away that Scout WILL eat it and I will not be making you more until the next meal/snack time. I think they are starting to get it! 
  • My coffee is extra good today.
  • The Princess is still doing well in her little room. She's gotten into a pattern of waking once and nursing hard and then sleeping til almost 8. This is unheard of. She's also napping way way better.
  • There are so many spiders in this town. It seems our apartment has more than it's share of wolf spiders. Last night I stepped on one and at least 30 tiny babies ran out. I almost died.
  • It got COLD here this week. Mid-40s two days in a row and we're only up to 46 so far today. Time to dig out the coats and tights. Supposed to be 81 on Monday though.
  • I picked 5 more Etsy favorites this week, go take a look.
What I Read this Week:

What's new for you this week? Big weekend plans? What are you reading?


  1. Spiders! They came inside to get out of the cold. Rather chilly here this morning, too.

    You will be fine entering the craft show. (Remember these wise words from my grandmother: there is always someone who does a better job than you do, but there is also always someone who doesn't do as well. Just work hard and do the best you can.) Can't guarantee people will buy, but they will see. Be sure to have business cards or pamphlets to hand out.

    So glad that Princess is settling down in her "room".

    As to the eating schedule - you're getting this tough love thing down beautifully. :)

  2. Oh gah, the spiders! There would have been blood-curdling screams coming out of me. I'm so glad the Princess is settling into a more bearable routine. I know you're loving the extra sleep! GOOD LUCK with the craft show!

  3. Lordy mcshmordy, I have seen one wolf spider in my life and that was too many.

    My girls sleep late too. I feel this indicates I am an excellent mother!

    (or they just know better)

    I am so psyched your sewing career is taking off! yay!


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