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Thursday, January 19, 2012

So I made the Princess a Pony, every girl needs one.

A pink plaid horse?

His name is Neil Patrick Hesh. (The Princess says "hesh" for horse.)

Standing horse

I made him using Simplicity 2921 and a piece of pink plaid suiting fabric I had in the stash.


I didn't have any fake fur, so I used a bit of fleece for the mane and tail. I think it gives him a bit of a punk/ mohawk flair.

Jan 18. Sewing for Lauren.

The pattern went together really easily, do not be intimidated by step 8, if you are thinking of making it. The hardest part was cutting it out and making his hooves nice and round. I may have rushed that last bit, because I was so close to having an entire horse made. They suggest making it with fleece and I'm pretty happy that I didn't, because I think the curves would have been harder to follow. The suiting had a tiny bit of stretch that worked in my favor.


The Princess is a fan.


She'd prefer you not touch it, thanks.

(Does anyone need me to tell you who is standing to her right?)


  1. I love that horse!! I love that it can stand up too. And I much prefer the fleece mane to faux fur. That fur gets nasty sometimes.

    What fabric did you use for the hooves and ears? It's textured, right?

  2. So so sew (ha!) cute! Love it.

  3. Hahahahaha, this post cracks me up! Your caption under the last photo pretty much sums up her face.

  4. The pony is adorable! I'm glad it was such a hit!

  5. Luuuuveee it :-) Seriously - that's one rockin' horse!

  6. That is adorable! I'm with Ti, love the fleece mane. Don't know what you would have to sell them for, but I think they would make great things to add to your shop - I think they'd make great gifts!


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