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Friday, December 11, 2015

Five Things I Think About As Christmas Approaches

1. Are you buying stuff at Amazon? Do you use to donate to your favorite charity?  You should, it doesn't cost you anything.

2. Christmas music. I really love Christmas music. I rely on Trish to tell me when it's ok to start listening.  My favorite song remains "O Holy Night". In fact, as I type this I'm surfing Spotify to finally determine my favorite version. I believe Trish believes the Mariah Carey version to be the best, but I am undecided.  I am a fairly equal opportunity Christmas music lover. I even love Little Drummer Boy!  I do not like Grandma Got Ran Over or anything by the Jackson 5, but beyond that? I like it all.

3. I am 90% done with shopping for the kids, minus stockings. Everyone else tho, still at 0%.

4. I'm steadily working through my year end reading. Mainly by DNF'ing things. I'm ruthless about quitting a book if it's not working for me.

5. I mentioned running in the car yesterday and Noah said, "Mom, do you even run any more?" Ouch.  Followed by Tristan saying "You know, there's this magic thing? In the basement? Called a treadmill?"  Oh you smart ass kid, where did you come from?   (Back at it soon, I promise!)

How's your holiday shaping up? Getting all your shopping done? Reading all the Christmas books? Fall off the healthy wagon?

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  1. I rarely use Amazon but did order one gift from there. I wish I'd known about smile then. I am pretty much done with Christmas except for our son - we have no idea what to get him and when we ask, he says he doesn't want anything.


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