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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Recent sewing and a contest...

Since mom has been here, I've had time to actually go downstairs and do a little sewing. She keeps me company and holds the baby bug and I get to sew. So far I've completed a fun little purse for her, and a little tote bag as a gift. We've laid out the fabrics for another tote bag and are contemplating some little water bottle holder things. Today (while I should have been working) I drew up a little sketch of a purse for myself. All those things mean is- I need some fabric! Lucky for me i have to say is opening a brand new etsy store full of gorgeous stuff. She is celebrating my giving away some of that pretty stuff, and you can win it by leaving her a comment. Here's the contest post. Hopefully I can wait til the contest ends before BUYING something!

(Pictures of completed projects to come soon!)

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