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Friday, September 26, 2008

The best laid plans...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... what? It's only September? Are you sure? I've spent a lot of time lately making Christmas lists of people and things and what I want to buy and what I could maybe make and which would be cheaper and which would be easier and can I really DO that in three months? I'd LOVE to make more gifts that I buy, which sounds cheap, but isn't cause making stuff is usually more than buying the equivalent. I still want to do it, and so I make lists. Christmas is three months away. If I work a little bit each night, I'll certainly have time to make everything I want to make. If I work a little harder each night, I'll have time to put stuff in the shop too.

So here's the plan: every child on my list, under the age of 6, gets a handmade gift. Every female on my list gets a handmade gift, with the exception of one, who I can't see loving the handmade. Every name on my list gets a handmade gift tag- I did this last year with the mittens and LOVED it. Then, a minimum of one new item a week on Etsy.

I'm also stockpiling books from Paperbackswap, some people on my list are getting used books for Christmas. Of course I want to READ those first, so I have to do that too.

I've got challenges to finish and goals to meet. (HAHAHAHA) (uh, looks like I need to add "Update challenges and books read pages" to my To Do list.)

The Pirate. The Bug.

Then there's this pesky thing called work to deal with 40 hours of the week...


  1. The mitten gift tags are adorable! Handmade gifts are the best because they take time and love as well as money.

  2. This is the time of year I start making my Christmas lists, too. Sometimes because I'm making homemade gifts (I know a couple of folks getting knitted afghans this year) but mostly because I can't stand the crowded stores around the holidays. My goal is to be done with my shopping before December 1st. It gives me a chance to really enjoy the holidays!

  3. I think handmade gifts are wonderful. It's so touching to know that someone spent all of the time and energy required to make a one of a kind gift.

    I'm hoping I'll finish my rag book/quilt in time for Christmas, but if I don't, I'll just save it for another occasion. After all, the child is only 14 months old at present. :)

  4. I can't even begin to think about Christmas until after Halloween. My husband has been working on our costumes since April, I'm already sick of the whole thing.

  5. Ha ha--I had my ipod on shuffle today at work and Christmas Waltz by the Carpenters came on. So, I put ALL my christmas songs on shuffle for about an hour (there are over 100 of them on my ipod...). I can't believe this year is almost over--there is still so much to do!!

  6. I've been thinking about Christmas too. Considering picking up an extra job to make easy money for Christmas so it would be less stressful. We'll see...


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