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Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's a single parent weekend.

My husband's store is conducting inventory tomorrow and since he's the boss it would appear it means he works the next 48 hours straight. So I'll be holding down the fort. I've decided to try to stay offline as much as possible, with the exception of when the Bug is nursing. I mean really, how do I resist these two?

So reading, sewing, and playing with boys is the order of the day.

I don't want to just post something so short though, so here's a few pictures of the Pirate's latest obsession. He is intent on copying the images on the front of his father's books. I made him a little cape (NOT my finest sewing, by far, but it took about 8 minutes) and he wears two swords ("scimitars, mommy") all the time. Can you tell who he is? Use every bit of your imagination. Pretend you are three. Answer after the pictures.

Did you recognize him? It's Drizzt.

Anyone know of any good fantasy books aimed at the preschool crowd?


  1. They are hard to resist--your kiddos are too cute. The "baby" conversation came up again last night and Scott said, how about this summer. I told him about the 9 months gestation and that we would have to start NOW. Haha...I think he forgot about that. I'm just not ready, Lisa. And I know I probably won't ever be 100% ready...but geez.

  2. Your boys are adorable.

  3. The kids are the best thing I've ever done, Trish. I can't tell you the love I feel for them, it's just crazy.It's heartbreakingly good. But it's also the HARDEST thing I've ever done (and I have REALLY EASY kids). It changes your life in ways you can't imagine. For example, you will never sleep when YOU want to again. I don't just mean night time feedings. I mean, you won't take a nap or sleep in or go to bed early when you want to. And you won't go to the bathroom without an audience for years. But it's worth it. :)

  4. I love this conversation. All so well put. I have two boys and have loved being a mom to them. It's especially terrific when they get older. They still cause me a few sleepless nights, now and then, but I can't even begin to tell you what a terrific feeling it is when a child graduates and gets a job. It's definitely a hard job but worth every minute.

  5. My two are 5 years apart and they are a challenge. My son is so easy but my daughter keeps me on my toes.

    Love the cape. You should write a children's book about a mom who makes costumes for her kids. I can see the kids going back or forward in time, their homemade capes and costumes. The Pirate must consider you a superhero of sorts.

  6. They are so cute. No wonder you can easily ditch the computer for the weekend! You've got double kissing duty. Mine is all tucked in his bed on this cold night and I can't stop going in there to make sure he's warm. Plus, he's just so darn cute I can't stay away.

  7. Ti, that's an interesting idea for a kid's book. I might have to think on that.

    Aly, I can't go to bed at night without checking on both of them. The Pirate is good with blankets, so long as they don't fall on the floor. The Bug only has a small blanket, but he doesn't stay under it.


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