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Friday, November 07, 2008

Snow day!

First, I completed step one of the Giant Secret Project. Can't do step two until I do a little shopping this weekend! After the shopping, there are three more steps (one easy, two daunting.)

Then, I made the bug a new hat. I can't seem to find one that isn't too big or two small. This one isn't super warm, but he isn't likely to be out in a blizzard or anything.

Then, I made myself the world's quickest wrist warmers. Like 'em?

I got no reading done, but I didn't waste time on the Internets or watching tv either.

Sadly, I realized halfway through my day that a snow day is unpaid...


  1. When we have snow days we either have to make up the time or take a vacation day. Luckily we don't get a lot of snow, though.

  2. The BUG is so cute! You may have have been reading but at least it was a productive day.

  3. O that's not cool. Snow days should be paid. I LOVE your wrist warmers. You should sell those on your site. Very cool.

  4. Yeah it bummed me out last year when my boss called me and told me to stay home because of the snow. Then informed me on the next Monday that I would have to take a vacation day or make up the time. I was upset that he didn't make that clear cause I would have tried to get into the office.

    Super cute hat and gloves!


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