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Saturday, November 08, 2008

U.S. Presidents Reading Project

The excitment of the recent election combined with my win of the books of election books from Hachette Books Group has me interested in learning more about politics and our country's history. I'm a history major, but I didn't really focus much on US history or politics Instead, I took a lot of classes about the South. I piddled around and did most of my electives outside of my history major. It's really time to rectify that, don't you think?

Lezlie, of Books 'N Border Collies, has started an open ended challenge to read a biography of each of the US Presidents called the U.S. Presidents Reading Project. While I think this is a bit ambitious (hello, have you SEEN my TBR??) I have decided to sign up and see how far I get before I lose steam. You're able to tailor this one to meet your interests, so one book about several presidents is ok. Or say, one book about Billy Graham and several presidents.

You might be thinking, this girl doesn't finish ANYTHING she starts (someone remind me to update that page later, ok?) And you'd be right! Luckily for me, this challenge doesn't have an end date so if I read one book a year... uh... 44 presidents plus 33 years already plus a new president every four years, unless they win a second term equals.. wait, I already read a book by President- Elect Barack Obama (wouldn't you think Google would have added that to spellcheck already?).. so that leaves how many?

Anywho, I'm gonna give it a shot. Head on over and check it out, you might want to sign up too!


  1. LOL! I'm right there with you. I already have a huge TBR pile. But I haven't read any Obama books. And there are some really good books on Jefferson, Washington, Teddy, etc. that I've been wanting to read. Oh...check out The River of Doubt which is a great book about Teddy Roosevelt's trip on the Amazon if politics get to be a bit too much. :)

  2. I'm glad you decided to join us at the U.S. Presidents Reading Project! It's going to be a very long-term project for me, too. There's just too much out there to read! :-)


  3. Very glad you're joining in! I'm envious of that prize pack, and I can't wait to hear what you think of some of the books you won!


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