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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Read-a-Thon: 10 am, the family leaves.

Hour 3&4 results:
Minutes read: 77
Pages read:80
Total read: 140
Minutes online: 25
Minutes nursing:4
Minutes doing kid stuff: 6
Minutes lost: ??
Drinks consumed: 1/2 Dr. Pepper
Food eaten: 1 package Pringles Baked Wheat sticks

Brief thoughts on current book: Gimme Shelter is still good, but I might take a break to finish A Homemade Life since I'm pretty close to the end. Still holding stead at a page a minute.

Mike and the Pirate went out for haircuts and a trip to the hardware store and the Bug slept most of the last two hours. They got back just before 10 bearing Starbucks for me. Mike just packed up both boys and took them to the mall to run in the indoor play area (it's rainy here) followed by a trip to Burger King ("The King") to play in THEIR indoor play area. Hopefully this will be followed by a nice long nap for both of them. (Have I mentioned how much Mike rocks???) (Also, The King has free wifi and Mike has a laptop like Frances. Only not pink.)

I'm having a hard time keeping up with my non-reading non-blogging time. Any tips?

The min-donuts are the crappy snack aisle kind! Trish, the phone does not have a name. It is lime green with a heart "tattoo" that says "love". Any suggestions?



  1. Only 4 minutes nursing? Must have been a quick snack LOL.

  2. Mike sure sounds like a keeper. Keep up the good work!

  3. Oh man--I'll have to think about a name. Braindead right now. :P

    I came by to say:

    Lisa Lisa bo Bisa
    Banana Fanana fo Fisa
    Me My Mo Misa
    LISA!!! (don't have time to think up a limmerick...sorry).


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