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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Read-a-Thon: Noon. I should eat.

Hours 5 & 6

Minutes read: 74
Pages read:76
Total minutes reading:220
Total pages read: 216
Minutes online: 29
Minutes nursing:0
Minutes doing kid stuff: 10
Minutes lost:
Drinks consumed: 1 Starbucks Truffle Espresso
Food eaten: Nothing

Brief thoughts on current book: 100 pages to go on book 1 (Gimme Shelter by Mary Elizabeth Williams)

I am starting to get hungry, and I think I need to walk around some. I'm finding myself uninterested in the mini-challenges (I haven't even been looking at them) but I assume I'll be more interested later. Kids and spouse still gone, but it appears the Pirate talked the Sucker Mike (I love you honey!) into a trip to Toys R Us.

This all feels so strangely indulgent- to just read an ENTIRE DAY. I haven't even showered!



  1. LOL! 'I haven't even showered' 'I should eat'... I would sooooo be in the same situation if I was doing a read-a-thon!! ^-^
    Laura H...


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