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Friday, May 28, 2010

Random Friday: 24 weeks

24 weeks this week! Holy smokes. The Bug was born at 36 weeks so not so far to go. I was going to take a picture but I accidently left my camera at home.

I started a new series of posts over at the MadebyLisah blog. Each day (not counting weekends, I don't think) I'm planning to spotlight my favorite Etsy item of the day. Sure, a lot of them will be things I want, but some of them will just be cool things I run across. You should pop over there and subscribe so you don't miss anything.  And, if you're not a fan of the MadebyLisah Facebook page you totally should be, as I'm going to start offering specials over there too.

I ran out of coffee this week. Seriously.  Going grocery shopping today!

Today I only work until 12 because I have to work tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, both boys have annual checkups this afternoon, so no kid-free day for me.

Tomorrow we leave on our first camping trip of the year. I am pretty excited to go, but we still have a lot to do tonight to get ready.  What are your favorite camping snacks? I'm thinking chex mix and rice crispy treats. Are you planning anything special for the 3 day weekend?

Question for ya: if I buy laser printer labels for my ink jet printer, will that be a huge problem? I'm wanting to print a color graphic onto them, not just an address.

This video is so awesome.

What's new with you?
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  1. Don't envy your afternoon! I hope all goes well...

    Can't believe how fast the time has gone by. Before you know it, you'll have another little bundle of joy.

    Have fun camping. Corned beef hash was always the first hot meal when we went camping. It was fast and easy after a long day. As for snacks, back in the day when I had ambition I always made choc chip cookies, gingersnaps, and pumpkin raisin cookies (tradition). We bought potato chips; this was a huge treat. We always took lots of apples, bananas, melons, carrot and celery sticks.

  2. You need to make smores!

    As for the label question, I think you are okay with Laser labels in an ink jet, just not the other way around because Laser printers get so hot while printing, labels will burn if they aren't meant for a laser printer.

  3. Have a great time camping. Glad that it is warm enough for yall to go.

    We want a belly picture soon! Happy weekend.

  4. I'm with Ti--s'mores! Kudos to you for having the courage to go camping with two little boys while you're 24 weeks pregnant! It's enough work with grown kids.

  5. I saw this video shared on Color Me Katie - LOVE LOVE LOVE!


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