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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How to make a pot of coffee.

A sample of my life.
  • Hey, I need to make coffee!
  • Walk into kitchen.
  • Notice cabinet is open.
  • Start to shut cabinet, but realize dishes need to be unloaded.
  • Open dishwasher.
  • Remove one item.
  • Realize that the cabinet it goes into has been demolished by the Princess.
  • Sit on the floor to straighten cabinet.
  • Since I'm on the floor anyway, put away the stuff in the adjoining cabinet, since it's also on the floor.
  • Stand up and remember the coffee. Take out old grounds.
  • Trip over open dishwasher on the way to the garbage.
  • Toss grounds.
  • Return to open dishwasher
  • Take out silverware basket, but realize that there is too much laundry on the bar to put it by the drawer.
  • Put away a couple stacks of laundry to make room.
  • While putting laundry away, realize that it would save time if you took the dirty laundry back to the laundry room with you.
  • Collect dirty laundry.
  • Restrain from swapping laundry, since you just made room for silverware on the counter.
  • Put away silverware! (Even tho this is the Pirate's job. He does it if he's home.)
  • (fast forward another 10 minutes...)
  • Make coffee!!

Now. Did you realize what I left out of that story?

The Pirate. The Bug. The Princess. Bo Peep.

It NEVER goes as smoothly as that.


  1. LOL!!! That is one of the things we try to get done before bed and have it on a timer. Saves my husband time/headache before work and is NECESSARY for me to function in the morning.

  2. Yes, this sounds about just about everything that I do. Or attempt to do. But can you imagine how that list would be different had your hubs attempted to make coffee? Don't get me started. ;)

    (although Scott makes coffee every day because his coffee tastes better than mine).

  3. Sounds like everything I do... I am really bad with taking forever to do the thing I started out with and I don't even HAVE kids.Eventually everything gets done, but still...

  4. Sounds pretty normal to me, too. And if your normal is close to my normal... you forgot to actually DRINK it! :P

  5. This happens to me all the time. I am glad it is normal.

  6. Sounds like our house too and we only have one kid! :-) Hope that cup of coffee was good!

  7. But did you remember to drink it? I keep making it and then finding it cold a few hours later!


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