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Friday, October 14, 2011

Random Friday: Parliament

  • Did you remember to enter the owl giveaway? Contest ends tonight, winner announced this weekend. There are Halloween owls now too, and you get your choice.
  • This is my 900th post.
  • The first person to explain today's post title gets three bonus entries in the contest.
  • Does anyone else employ subterfuge to keep your kids from eating your stuff? I just bought myself flavored creamer (a rare treat) and am going to decant it into some other container so the Bug won't keep adding it to his milk.
  • There has been next to no sleep going on around here lately. The Princess has a cold and can't breathe, so she wakes up and wants to nurse. Then the nursing isn't all she hoped it would be, so she gets mad. It's fun!
  • Mike worked his usual 10 or 11 hour days this week, until today when he got up at 5 and went to Denver for a conference. He'll be home Monday. After bedtime.
  • I plan to leave the house to get the Pirate from school today, then to check out the craft show at the mall tomorrow to check the competition and otherwise not leave the house.
  • Aladdin was on tv last night. I completely shocked the Bug by knowing all the words to the songs and large chunks of dialogue. He's gonna DIE if he ever watches The Little Mermaid or Labyrinth (wow, I dislike the new cover) with me.
  • It's hunting season in South Dakota.  Pierre seems to have a lot more camo than Rapid City.
  • This is my new favorite blog. Today's picture is priceless.
  • Are you on FourSquare? Can we be friends?
  • I just signed up for Wunderlist. I think I'm gonna love it.
What I read this week:
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  1. I will be so sad if I don't win an owl.

    That baby pic is hilarious! I was like, okay..cute, but then I saw the nipple grab. Love it.

  2. I swear it always seems like the kids get sick or hurt when their dad is out of town. Good luck this weekend!

  3. A parliment of owls of course. I really want an purse!

  4. Hey Anonymous! You got it right! but you didn't tell me whoooo you are, so fess up, or no bonus entries.

  5. Man I totally didn't get the Parliament thing. Darn you Anonymous!!! Since we don't know who you are the extra points default to me (hehehe just kidding).

    Yeah, little man got his first tooth and is doing the "this is odd, I am fussy, must nurse but really doesn't" annoying thing with me. Arg.

  6. Sounds like you've got a busy weekend on your hands. Fun, fun. It always helps wear the kids out when I take them somewhere but then again it wears me out too :) Hope you have a good weekend!

  7. I love your random lists posts! Such a fun way to get a little peek into your day or week or whatever.

    Congrats on your 900th post. Wow!

    I think that's funny that Bug uses your creamer in his cereal! LOL!

    I DO hide two food items from my family--well, my 12 year old, specifically. Not because I wouldn't share with her but because she'd eat the entire thing before I had even a bite! One is these little lemon shortbread cookies that come in the smallest of bags and isn't cheap! The other is a dark chocolate bar with caramel and Hawaiian sea salt (OMG!). Both are from Trader Joe's in case anyone NEEDS to go get their own. They are my go to items for a special treat for myself on a particularly tough day.

    Hope you did ok over the weekend! xo


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