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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

This is why I didn't blog today.

  1. I took my children to the park this morning, because I could always blog during naptime. (We met my new friend there. The Bug terrorized a group of kids from a daycare while the Princess stood at the top of the slide and didn't go down. It was fun for everyone.)
  2. While at the park I had the thought that if my house only stayed clean ALL THE TIME, we could go to the park guilt free every day. (Well, every day that I could stand it.) (Did I mention we went to the park yesterday too?)
  3. So when we got home I flew around and swapped laundry and did the dishes and fed the kids and took out the garbage and then when the Princess went down for her nap I collapsed at the laptop from all that exertion.
  4. Which is when the Bug insisted that I "play" Risk with him. (He makes up his own rules.)(I was only allowed to be the "girl colors". I chose yellow.)
  5. Ok, so then I was gonna blog. I was. But first I followed this link to a great post on organization. 
  6. That led me to renew my dedication to tracking my blogging on Google Calendars, so I made a new calendar. (It's called "Blogging" cause I'm creative like that.)(I made it pink.)
  7. I "played" another 30 seconds of Risk with the Bug.
  8. Then I discovered (again) that your (my) (an) iPhone doesn't default to showing more than one Google Calendar.
  9. Much googling led me to these instructions for syncing all your Google Calendars to iCal, so I did that, and WAHOO! they all showed up. Eventually.
  10. While I was waiting, I played another few minutes of Risk. ("Played")
  11. But the colors didn't match, so I had to fix that before I could blog. (Blogging is orange now.)
  12. And then it was time to wake up the Princess to go get the Pirate from school, so you get this picture instead.

May 14. The sandbox overlooks the Missouri river.

Doesn't it make you want to be on a boat? (That's the Missouri River on the other side of that big tree.)


  1. A blogging calendar?? That is entirely too much work. I am lucky to write a post much less schedule to write a post.

  2. Those little ones really keep you busy. Just thinking about it makes me tired.

  3. Hilarious! Your brain works much like mine. Only I can't blame it on the kids any more - I just wander from thing to thing mindlessly, then wonder where the day went.

    Someday (at about age 50) you'll be so glad you took the time to go to the park!

  4. Ah, look at The Princess' curls - so cute! It's amazing how time gets away from you, isn't it?


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