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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Head Over Heels by Jill Shalvis

Head Over Heels was probably my favorite of the Lucky Harbor novels, with Forever and a Day coming in second (review on that to come!) Head Over Heels is the last of the three sisters. Chloe is the wild child, the one you can only count on to be flaky, the one who lived with their free-spirited mother the longest. She has very severe asthma, so she can't be counted on to do any heavy lifting at the inn the sisters inherited (and the sisters don't resent her for this at all, it's very refreshing.) Chloe is who she is and for the most part everyone loves her that way.  Naturally, being the wild child often leads to a little disregard of the law (mainly in regards to stupid ideas like hang gliding at night, not like theft) and that's where Sheriff Sawyer comes in. Sawyer takes his job as sheriff very very seriously. He can't quite forgive himself for his own youth and believes that if he slips up at all that the town will see him as the same screw up he was then. (Note: Not true, the town obviously loves the man.) (Note the second: The town's Facebook page, maintained by the lovable, snoopy, Lucille, is a complete character all its own, in all the books.)

This one was easily my favorite of the series. I loved that Chloe lived for what she believed in and that even though she had a hard time verbalizing love that she loved everyone with her whole being. I Loved that she had a serious health problem, but that she never used it as a crutch. I loved that she was insecure in how other's felt about her, but not really in a self-pitying way.  And Sawyer! While he did exhibit some of the same characteristics as all the other men, he had a bit more depth to him. His relationship with his father really colored his entire adult life, as did the Event in his youth. Sawyer really had to let himself take a chance to be with Chloe and I loved that he did so.

Shalvis continues to impress me with her writing, it's like she's listening to me talk. She doesn't shy away from the F-bomb (like I just did!) or other profanity, but she also doesn't throw it away like confetti. The men refer to themselves jacking off (occasionally, and only in private) and they tease each other like you'd expect men to do. (Not being a man, I can't vouch for this, but has to be somewhat accurate.) You can find her online at and on twitter.

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  1. Isn't it fun when you discover a series like this?! Can the books be read out of order?


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