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Friday, August 31, 2012

Birthday, Nail polish, eating off the floor


  • Today is my beautiful Princess's second birthday!  She's the absolute best thing. She's so smart and articulate and fun, and her personality is just the best thing ever.
  • She also was NOT cool with us singing Happy Birthday to her this morning. The Bug and I have been singing it off and on to ease her into it more before her actual party tomorrow.
  • School is off to an ok start. He's not resisting going or getting up or going to bed, but man he HATES the required nightly reading.  I blame the books- books on his reading level are mindnumbingly boring. I can't wait for him to be able to read something he can actually enjoy.
  • I have a slight obsession with nail polish. I love having painted nails but it never lasts more than 24 hours before it's all chipped. The other night I bought some super cheap polish at Walmart and put on two coats. ( Sinful Colors Professional Nail Polish Enamel 152 Cream Pink) The next morning I added a layer of Sally Hansen Double Duty Base and Top Coat, and I'll be darned but now we're on day three with NO chips- and I've done laundry, mopped floors, taken showers, had date night... What I'm saying is, I've apparently found the miracle combination. I went back and bought a bunch more colors (steel gray, pale sparkly pink, a muddy taupe and red red.)
  • Speaking of mopping- you know how the internet says that when you clean with toddlers around you should just give them a rag and let them "help"? HAHAHA, Internet, you make me laugh.  I gave them all a rag and made them stay in the kitchen with them while I mopped. I ended up "mopping" the rest of the dining areas and hall with the dirty mop water they used the "clean" the kitchen. Two buckets worth. The kitchen had waves it was so deep. So the floors look better, and it smelled clean, but please, do not eat off my floors.

What I Read This Week (it was a week of reading around here, but even so remember that I read multiple books at one time, and only read one of these start to finish in the week):


  1. What about singing happy birthday to her doesn't she like? I thought Wonder was fantastic!!

  2. Happy Birthday to Princess! Cute, cute photo of her! aww.

    Required reading for school should never be a chore for kids. Do you mean the specific book is required or that they are required so many minutes per night to read?

    I loved Dinner: A Love Story, too! Such a great book. :)

  3. Oh Princess. I love that picture of her!! And I hope you'll post a picture of that great cake you made for her.

    I hate mopping. I have one of those swiffer mop things (that I never use) and picked up some of the Target brand refills several months ago. I finally got around to using them recently and realized they're not even the right damn thing. So irked.

    Handmaid's Tale is definitely on my "want to re-read one day" list.

  4. Wish Happy Birthday to Princess!!!!! Awesome...

  5. You guys need to take singing lessons. LOL.

    I use OPI polish without a top coat and it lasts on my toes for 3+ weeks, on my hands... at least 2 weeks without chips.


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