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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Princess goes to Alabama

I took roughly 900 Instagram pictures on our trip to Alabama. There are still a ton on my phone that I haven't uploaded to flickr, but I'm sure you don't need to see them all. Here are a few of my favorites:

Grandma made cupcakes. The Princess knows the good part is on top, so that's how she ate hers. She was surprised to find that these didn't have frosting on them, since she was too impatient to wait.

August. That's not how you eat cupcakes?

Chickens! For reasons I can't explain, my mother has four chickens. They aren't full grown yet, but they are endlessly interesting.

August. Chicken! Eat!

You wear your tutu to chase them, right?

August. You wear a tutu to chase chickens, right?

We met up with my oldest friend and her youngest child, who is just a couple months younger than the Princess. Guys, there is NOTHING cuter than toddlers holding hands.

August. Nothing cuter than toddlers holding hands.

She's starting to cop a little attitude. (Ha. A little.) In this one we're crossing a huge parking lot, but she would not be carried. See the frown?

August. "can I carry you?" NO!!!!

Here she is with my cousin Lara and the Princess's Lara's boyfriend Matt.

August. Chalk art with cousins. She's making them trace wet spots.

And here with just Lara. I love this picture so much.

August. Lara and Lauren share a coffee moment.

She also made Matt and my cousin Alanna's fiance play with her Princess dolls. Of course. They guys were both terrific with her.

August.  My cousins both picked great guys, they are playing with princess dolls with my girl.


August. Manly men change princess dresses.

And then we came home!

August. This was a fascinating window.


  1. It looks like she had everyone wrapped around her little finger!

  2. I love these pictures - magical moments were captured with a lot of these.

  3. Ahhhh!!! The Princess sure charmed the family...of course! Those young men will make fine daddies some day if they have already mastered the fine art of playing with dolls and not caring if anyone sees them.

  4. I absolutely adore how girlie she is.


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