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Thursday, September 06, 2012

Where in the World are you Reading?- This month: Waiting.

This month's theme is a fun one, almost a free form one.  This month we want to see where you read while you are waiting. Waiting rooms, oil changes, waiting for the water to boil? Everyone waits for something and I know you all keep books around for any chance to pick it up. So, take a quick picture of where you're waiting and link up!

The most common place you'll find me waiting is in the school pickup line. I admit, I get there ten minutes early just so I have to sit and read. I never leave the house without a book or my Nook. Of course yesterday, the day I took my Nook so I could take a picture for you, the Nook battery was dead. I took a picture anyway.

School pickup reading

Another place you might find yourself waiting is at the doctor's office. I am lucky in that I rarely have this happen, but the Princess just had a well child check up, so I had the chance to take one for you.

Waiting room reading

It occurs to me NOW that we also read a picture book in the exam room while waiting for the actual doctor, but I didn't take that picture, dang it!

Your turn now, you have plenty of room to make this one work for you without needing to go to the library or make a special trip, so I expect lots and lots of links! I'm looking at YOU.


  1. Love this! Well, not that your Nook died...why the heck didn't you have a back up in your purse! ;) I've already been snapping up lots of picture (possibly stretching the definition of "waiting")--will post next Thursday.

  2. I read while waiting all the time! You can fit so much reading in an extra 10 minutes.

  3. I do the same thing! But usually only on rainy days so I can get a good spot on the pick up line. I have also been known to stand in the kitchen stirring a pot with one hand and a paperback in the other. Maybe I'll stage that one. ; )

    So sorry I missed last month's Where in the World. I'll get it this time!

  4. I used to get reading done in the school pick up line too.

  5. Whew boy, I feel like I'm always waiting for something -- and I have a book in my purse at all times for that purpose! I've been known to pull one out in line at the post office, even though the people around me sort of stare like, "Is she serious." (Yes. Yes, I am.) I got about 50 pages of good reading in while getting my car's oil changed last week. Makes having to wait, wait, wait more bearable! :)

  6. Just think how much reading you could get done if you dropped off the kids and just stayed until it was time for pickup! ;-D

  7. I only pick my son up on Wednesdays, but I always bring a book for the pick up line!!

  8. I didn't have room on my phone to take a pic the other day but I'm going to do a post this week of a couple of places. I used to get to school early so I could get a spot my kids could find me at safely and I loved having that time to read. For busy moms, it's sometimes the only time we have!

  9. One of the things I love about reading is that is fills in those waiting times...which means that instead of getting frustrated, I often enjoy them! :-)

  10. Reading while waiting is the most reading I get lately!


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