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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Where in the World are you WAITING? Wrap-up!

Can you guys believe this is the end of another month? September just FLEW by!  This month was my turn to host the Where in the World are you Reading? meme (lucky Trish and Kailana just had to sit back and participate!)

I kicked the month off showing you how I wait for school to get out (and how poor my planning skills are, hello, dead Nook battery!)
Melissa was the first to join in, waiting for her husband to finish fishing. Hello Montana? I think I need to visit you:
Darren @ Bart's Bookshelf showed us the inviting bar where he occasionally waits for the bus. I think he should wait there daily, but then I haven't been in a bar in waaayyyyy too long.
Jill @Fizzy Thoughts had to wait for jury duty. I kinda agree that she should have gone in like this:
Christina @ Reading Through the Night (what a great blog name!) distracted me from her waiting room with the news that her library delivers! DELIVERS!!
Amy @ Sunlit Pages is a gal after my own heart. I'm sure I could show you the actual picture of waiting, but the outtakes are much more fun. (And much more like my own life!)
SuziQoregon waits for the train each day, and really went above and beyond and took pictures of other people reading on the train! (Click through for all the pics.)
TRISH was reading while waiting to lose weight... whaaaat? that WORKS?? And I think she's been hanging out with Jill too much.
Kailana came along and showed us this adorable picture of someone else in her house waiting. I'm not sure how she taught her cat to read....
Suey @ It's All About Books waits on a LOT of things, like waiting for some energy in the afternoons!

 Larissa @ Like People and Butterflies reads while waiting on the tram. The tram! Forgive me if I'm a bit in love with the "otherness" of a tram. And just look at the scenery in her picture? How long do you think it'd take for that to become old hat to me so that I'd remember to read?

Lisa@ Lit and Life made an excellent point about the tradeoff between the weight of a book and the chance of getting to read. She was waiting on her car at the time.

Alex (Sleepless Reader) has the best reason to wait EVER.

And last, Christine @ The Happily Ever After never ever reads while she's wait. Nuh uh. This picture is imaginary.

And that's it for September!  Make sure you check back on October 4th over at Love. Laughter. Insanity for the opening post in next month's theme- Cafe. Coffeeshops. Bars. Oh my!


  1. What a lovely recap! I posted mine so last minute.. thanks for including me, Lisa. :) Looking forward to visiting everyone's Waiting posts over the next few days.

  2. This month's topic was such fun! Thanks for the wrap up with teasers from everyone's posts. I'm still pondering next month though. I don't eat lunch or coffee out so cafe, coffee shop reading is rare for me.

  3. What fun to see all of the ways people read while they wait!

  4. OMG. You are seriously awesome. I can't even imagine how much time it took to add these pictures.

    This was a fun month--great idea for waiting!

  5. Here's my very late post. Will have to get a bit better organised for next month, especially seeing as I am not sure if I will be spending any time in cafes, coffee shops or bars.

  6. O man! I wish I had seen this earlier. How fun are all those pictures and posts!


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