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Friday, February 22, 2013

Random Fridays keep on coming.

Lounging at the laundromat in my leopard pants and sequined shoes.

  • Everyone in my family was under the weather on Sunday, which resulted in the Princess and I taking the comforters to the laundromat on Monday. She thought it was the most fun ever, except for the bit where I used my very last dollar to buy her a treat from the machine and it didn't fall. Luckily for her, the route guy showed up minutes later and retrieved it.
  • This week's struggles are nothing new. The Pirate still hates school. The Princess still refuses to sleep well for two consecutive nights. I am still looking for a job. It is still winter.
  • I rarely use my blog to complain, and I never call people out on Facebook. I haven't ever complained about a job or a coworker in a public arena. I especially think it's the tackiest thing in the world to talk smack about your spouse in a public place. I have recently been shocked again by a family member who repeatedly uses Facebook to criticize their spouse. Every single time, I am shocked anew. 
  • That said, there are two people who I would mention here, because I find them so shockingly thoughtless. First, there's a firefighter who lives on my street (a one block dead end!) who drives WAY too fast down our street. I like to cut him slack when he's leaving because there might be a fire, but when he drives home at top speed I find it a little more annoying. The second is also a driver. I've run into this person several times in town, and while she's never cut me off, I've witnessed her cut other people off on more than one occasion. I've seen her dodge in front of people for parking spots. I've seen her drive the wrong way through open drive thrus in order to cut a corner and not drive around. You'd think this person was a teenager, but no, she's a middle aged woman. The reason I remember her so clearly is because she drives an orange pickup with the name of her business all over it. (I sure hope it's her business, it would be awful to have an employee making such a bad impression all over town!) You can bet I will never call on her, if I can help it.

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  1. I hate spouse bashing no matter the forum - if you have a problem with your spouse, you should take it up with him/her.

    Who knew the laundrymat could be so much fun! lol

  2. I used to think the laundrymat was fun as a kid too. It was next door to a dance studio and as a kid, I used to sit by the window and watch the dancers.

    Why doesn't the Pirate like school?

  3. My favorite FB bashing posts are the ones that bash their spouse one day and then a week later they will post how great their spouse is. Do they expect me not to remember the horrible person they made him out to be the week before?

  4. I'm always shocked by how badly some people with business names on their vehicles drive!

    Hope you're all feeling better!

  5. I too am not a fan of the public spouse bashing.


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