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Monday, February 25, 2013

A Hexagon Quilt Update (including a how to video!)

Pink and gray paper pieced hexagons

I know, you're all sitting around waiting for me to tell you how the pink and gray hexagon quilt is progressing. My ultimate goal is to make a full sized quilt, which will require 3025* 1" hexagons. I've made 718 so far. Trish kept pestering me, asking when I was going to start sewing them together, and while the real answer is "not until I am very nearly done making them", I couldn't resist making a small patch.  I think a lot of people who I've described the quilt to had a really hard time picturing my layout, perhaps this will help?  Unfortunately, all it's really done is make me want to sew more together! Like, some of the darker pinks around that bottom right one, and to extend the whites at the top up into cream and back into pale pink and and and... (I can't, because I want to be sure the distribution of the colors is nice and smooth.)

For those of you in the unofficial quilt-a-long, I made a really wobbly, incredibly unprofessional video of how I sew the hexes together. I kept looking at the screen instead of my hands and missing stitches, oops!

In reality, I tend to tilt the hand holding the hexes back and forth quite a bit more, so that I barely have to move the hand holding the needle. I tried to film it like that, but all I ended up with was a really nice video of my table as my hands moved in and out of the frame. I'll give it another shot one day. Maybe.

For those of you NOT in the quilt-a-long, who would like to be, the English paper piecing hexagon tutorial can be found here.

*It really requires just shy of 3000, but my goal is to make 3025 to make up for counting errors.

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  1. hm... So, I have more space at the moment and could maybe, possibly, quilt. I never had the space before...


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