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Sunday, June 02, 2013

The Princess's Bedroom, Before.

I have every intention of living in this house for many years. I may actually never move out of this house. Therefore, even though it's a rental (with the option to buy), I am painting and decorating. The first room I'm going to tackle is The Princess's room, because I've never done a little girl bedroom. I am so excited!  These two pictures from Pinterest are my inspiration, but I have an entire board devoted to her:

(And when I went to get those two pictures, I about died looking at everything I have pinned. So! Cute!)

Her room, as it currently is, is a light cream color, but I had planned to paint it gray. The trim in there is wooden tho, so I am wondering if I shouldn't leave it as is.  Here are a couple pictures of the room:

 From the hallway

 From the corner by the closet

 From the corner behind the crib

The crib will convert to a toddler bed and then a full bed, but we are in no hurry as she hasn't shown any signs of being tired of a crib.  I plan to paint the dresser white, and the dresser pulls silver or pewter. I failed to take a picture of them, but they are star shaped, very retro.  I'm having a hard time with the layout of the room as well. The large wall, over the bed, would be best for the display, but you can't really see it from the hallway. Plus, do I want it over the bed? So I am considering moving the bed to be under the window across from the door, or possibly angled in between the windows. Angled won't work when it's a full bed tho, so maybe it would be interesting to fill the space between the windows with the fun stuff?  I just don't know.

I've started to gather some things. I have a blank canvas to do this:

And I'm gathering some pictures and frames and little goodies as well.

 This one is hard to photo, but I have an old ragged hexagon quilt. I am planning to cut out a flower or two and frame them.
 Things I've been saving for her room (Sorry for the sideways picture.)

 A gray and white picture a good friend drew me in high school, and a picture of me from high school.

A page out of a thrifted kid's book of rhymes.

I'd like to do some embroidery hoops and, of course, one day she'll have the pink and gray hexagon quilt. I'm also thinking about a floating wall shelf with some little girly things, for depth and some girly pillows for the glider. Curtains, too, but she'll keep those shades, they are great for blocking light.

What do you guys think? Specifically, about painting the walls gray, and about bed placement?


  1. I would love to see the walls painted a beautiful dove gray with accents of a deep purple. Are the shades purple? I love your pins for inspiration and the princess illustration.

  2. I think you could TOTALLY get away with gray walls. I'm one of like 8 people (and those others are room designers on pinterest) who love gray and brown together with lots of extra bright pops of color. Google it. Seriously. Gorgeous!

    And I'm so excited to see this come together. I love all the items you're saving up for her room.

  3. Why can't you paint the walls and the trim too?

  4. Framing the shoes. Love. I confess that I still haven't completely decorated Elle's room and now that we'll be passing on her furniture to the baby and getting her "big girl" stuff I can't see the point in changing things up now. What if you did a mural that spread onto the wall that you can see from the doorway? And then when she's in a full you could push the bed against the corner wall and the mural would then be on the side (where the crib headboard is now) and by the window where here headboard will be? Or I guess that would be the same as just moving her crib next to the window. Huh. I am a terrible decorator. Can't wait to see some of the progress though!!

  5. We never did much with my daughter's room. I am so not creative in any way shape or form and have no eye for decorating rooms. I love your ideas so far though! Next you'll have to come help me with Mouse's room. ;-)


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