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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Do-Ahead Dinners by James Ramsden

I decided to branch out of my rut and request a cookbook on NetGalley. Crazy, right?  See I got into this  mindset that being able to do the week's cooking on the weekend would be so awesome, and the I saw this title pop up and I grabbed it. Unfortunately, it's not really what the cookbook is about, but it IS a very lovely book.  The pictures are beautiful and some of the meals look to die for- but I didn't actually cook any of them. Instead of being easy do ahead meals for families on a Tuesday night, they are fancier supper club type meals. Several of the pictures made me wish I belonged to a supper club, but alas, I do not. Regardless, if you see this one in the bookstore or library, you may want to stop and pet it for a bit, and if you ARE a member of a supper club, I imagine you'd find lots of things to make.

For a idea of what you'd find there, click on over to the author's website- where he has a lot of lovely pictures to go along with his blog.

One thing I'd note, is that books with pictures are very hard for me to read on either Nook. I don't know if this would be true if you purchased the final book, but I find the format difficult and will likely refrain from more cookbooks.


  1. "Stop and pet it for a bit?" Love that!

  2. Title is totally deceiving. Especially given the popularity of make-ahead meals these days. And what the heck is a supper club?! Is that where you make bulk meals and then share with several families so you're only cooking once a week but eating something different every day?

  3. What Trish said. I was hoping this was a home rung for doing-ahead.

  4. That's too bad that it didn't end up being useful. The title is really misleading! If you want make ahead meals you might want to try Holly Clegg's Trim & Terrific Freezer Meals. She gives instructions for making the recipe now or what to do if you want to freeze and reheat it. I love pretty much everything of hers I've tried and they're all pretty healthy too!


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