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Monday, March 10, 2014

Hexagon update #9-2014

So you may (not) have noticed that I skipped last week? Yeah, I didn't do any hexies. I had already told myself that each week's goal is 30, period. But of course in my head I knew I was operating in a deficit.

Saturday night we had some friends over for dinner. After dinner we sat around the table with drinks (my new favorite drink: the Bourbon Smash) and by the end of the evening I was at 45 hexies. My feeling is that I'll be able to catch up fairly easily, so long as I don't miss too many weeks.

Current hex count: 1631 with 1299 to go!

Linking up with Jessica at Life Under Quilts.



  1. Wow, that was a productive evening. You should have them over more often! :)

  2. dinner party hexing!? great idea! Do you think I could convince my husband to put on the paperclips for me?

  3. I'm loving the vibrant hexes! Great progress. :)

  4. Great progress and I am sure you will catch up to your goal in no time! Very productive and fun!

  5. Sounds like fun! Great colors, too... You must have a pattern all picked out ready to know how many you need? Impressive!

  6. I noticed you hadn't posted last week but I guess you're making up for your lack of productivity :). Love the bright pink!

  7. Wow, check out that COLOR! Awesome!

  8. Your evening sounds fun and love your hexies!


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