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Thursday, May 01, 2014

Little One-Yard Wonders

Guys, I know most of you don't sew, but this book is SO adorable! I requested a review copy on NetGalley but I really really want to buy one of my own. The full title is Little One-Yard Wonders: Irresistible Clothes, Toys, and Accessories You Can Make for Babies and Kids.

Here's the description:
This newest addition to the best-selling One-Yard Wonders series features 101 delightful projects for babies and kids, each using just one yard of fabric and many requiring just a few hours to complete. Step-by-step illustrated instructions, beautiful close-up photographs, and pattern pieces included in a bound-in envelope make it easy and fun to create all kinds of adorable items, including the Merry-Go-Round Dress, the Ruffle Romper, the Western Shirt, and the Secret Monster Overalls. From tops and caps to play mats, pillows, and plushies, this book overflows with creative clothes, accessories, toys, and furnishings for little ones from newborn to elementary-school age. Whether you're furnishing your nursery, making new clothes for a growing child, or creating a unique gift for a baby shower, this collection has the perfect project for you.

I didn't actually get a chance to sew something from the book because a) hexagons and b) when you are looking at a e-book you're missing the vital patterns for most of the items.  That said, some of them are just adorable. There are at least two or three shirts I'd like to try, a ruffly tiered skirt, some super cute little stuffed animals, a monster towel, this cute little crib rail- the list goes on and on. Only a handful look complicated, and there are so many cute gift ideas. Best of all- none of them require a ton of supplies or fabric and very few of them are ridiculous as many books of this sort tend to be. I would guess that many of the projects are suitable for beginner level sewing as well as some more advanced (there is one button up shirt that I am definitely up for! I'm no longer scared of zippers but buttonholes give me the fear!)

This one will be out in May, and I might just ask for it for my birthday...


  1. This does look like a great resource book for crafty people.

  2. This is one of those books that make me really really want to sew! Looks adorable.


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