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Monday, July 14, 2014

Hexagon update #19-2014

Last week we drove from South Dakota to Alabama and back (more on this later, hopefully). I had high hopes for making hexagons during the 20 hour drive, but turns out my children are very needy. Then when we were there I had other things to do- like eat all the things. Regardless, I managed to baste 115 more hexies and sew together four more flowers. This brings me to 2025 done (over 2000!!!) and 895 (or so) to go. Hopefully soon I'll have more exciting pictures to show than more pink hexies in my little blue box. Also, I asked Mike if he'd wash the windshield so my pictures were prettier. He declined to stop on the interstate to do so.


Linking up with Jessica at Life Under Quilts.



  1. Well, at least you got something done, and you can say your hexies are well traveled. Can't wait to hear more from your trip!

  2. Wow, that's a really impressive number of hexies. Such dedication! I must try that energy drink....

  3. I live in Alabama, what part did you come to? At least you have something to show for your travels...mine have been lying dormant for the past few weeks...I really need to get some more done on my quilts..

  4. What a big job! My kids are high maintenance, apparently. When we were driving home from Montana last year I tried to take a turn driving. My youngest child who was six at the time was so pathetic. She sits right behind the driver's seat and was so upset that I was driving she was just beside herself claiming that if she couldn't look at me she wasn't able to remember what I looked like. Pathetic. But effective. My husband couldn't take the whining and he decided he liked driving more than listening to that noise.

  5. Great progress and beautiful fabrics!

  6. Love that grey fabric... and next to the blush pick? lovely combination!


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