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Sunday, July 20, 2014

We went to Alabama!

It's been five years since we braved the drive home to see my family. In other words, way too long. We had so much fun, but I find I'm not interested in typing out a recap, so here's a barely annotated photo history.

On the road!
20 hours and 1200 miles later.
Too tired to really enjoy sparklers.
The middle child.
My baby brother.
My mom with four of the boys.
Sunset on the tenneessee river.
Mid run selfie on the river.
The Pirate camped with his cousins. He was sooo dirty.
Pretty girl got her ears pierced.
The Alabama cousins. Anna wasn't interested in pictures.
The Bug loved the pools.
There were kittens.
Her hair turned to ringlets in Alabama.
Mid run on the Old Railroad bridge.
My sister-in-law with my baby.
This is the Pirate preparing to jump. Both boys did this for hours.


Headed home. Compare this to the first picture and notice how much more stuff went home with us!



  1. I have a great aunt and uncle in Detroit, Alabama, near Mississippi. It is a speck of a town. We will probably visit this fall since they are getting up in age! It looks like you had a great vacay!

  2. I kind of followed along on Instagram and could tell y'all had a blast!

  3. It looks like you all had such a great time! I so admire you and Mike for sticking with your running even on vacation, especially in that humidity.


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