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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Texan's Twins by Pamela Britton

Back to those Rodeo Barons! The Texan's Twins is the fourth book in the series, and the third one with kids in it. I don't know. I like the series and the adults and I'm not finding the kids to be too distracting, but I don't usually find the addition of them to be incredibly romantic. So much of the plot line revolves around the kids. And the more of this I write, the more I realize that perhaps the appeal of these books (that is, books with kids in them) is NOT a "baby hungry biological clock ticking" way but in a "single parents deserve love too" way. I'm going to need to think on this more. There is definitely a difference in my mind between a book like the first Barons book (where the hero and heroine are pregnant from a one night stand) and this one (where the heroine comes into the story with 5 year olds.) One is about wanting a baby with a person and the other is falling in love with someone else AND their kids.

Ok, long intro, what's it about anyway?

Definitely Not Daddy Material!

Jasmine Marks is focused and hardworking, and when she took a job as engineer for Baron Energies, she left behind her support network. Now, the burden of caring for her twin girls is all on her, and she doesn't have time for a dilettante playboy like Jet Baron. Besides, she needs her job, and she can't blow it by getting involved with the boss's son.

On the surface, Jet Barron is a dabbler, dropping into work one day and riding rodeo the next. But when he makes his mind up, he goes for it, full-out. He knows a lot more than anyone suspects, about the oil business, about women. And this woman needs someone to count on—which will be Jet, if he gets his way.

First, the characters. I really enjoyed both Jasmine and Jet in this one. Jasmine is exactly as described. She works her behind off to provide for her girls and is successful at it. She's also realistically exhausted and stressed to her limits, and a health scare does not make it easier. She turns to Jet for comfort, because she has no one else and she can not resist his offer. She's terrified to start to care for anyone and insists to herself that this is just temporary, a way to ease stress. She doesn't see at all this is what love is all about. Jet has a honestly earned reputation as someone who can't be taken seriously. He understands why that is but he kind of chafes at it, as he isn't really as flighty as his reputation seems. Jet has been pulled into Baron Industries because of his father's injury (Really? How long can that take to heal anyway?) and while he has no desire to take over the company, he is legitimately happy to be working there. He especially loves working with the newest engineer, Jasmine. Jet falls fast and never really denies what he feels even as he is amazed by the possibility, and when things finally implode (in a scene I have never seen in a romance!) he gracefully steps out of the way for Jasmine. It is thoughtful and kind and makes me love Jet more.

Even the addition of the two little girls doesn't really distract from the story here. They are always present (Jasmine is a single mom with no other support, this is a plot point) and the story is very much about Jet falling for all three of them. Was it a perfect romance? No, but it was very good and I read through it very quickly. I am still enjoying the series very much, with two books remaining.

The Texan's Twins was published on September 2.



  1. Hooray. I'm am always so tickled when people like a book I wrote. :)

    BTW, I understand your confusion about the appeal of "kids" books. I think this is only the third book I've written with children in it. (Out of 30+ books.) I have never asked my editor why they like that theme so much, but I suspect it's because single moms are a big part of society these days. I believe Harlequin hopes that readers will identify with that type of heroine. I was never a single mom and so I just wasn't drawn to that type of character, but then my husband started working out of the area and I had a WHOLE new understanding. LOL.

    Anyway, thanks for the review!!!

  2. I do tend to like books that feature kids that already exist (as long as they're not secret kids) than pregnancy stuff. Single parent finds happiness/lonely person finds a family is a much sweeter more satisfying love story for me than pregnancy. I hadn't thought about it all that much but I think the perspective is completely different. I'll have to keep this series in mind.


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