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Friday, October 23, 2015

Five (more) running things on Friday.

I'm sorry guys, I can't seem to shop for anything else.  This list IS my Christmas wishlist, so if any of you know my husband...

1. This cute "Run Far Run Strong" hoodie.

2.This fun set of "I GOT THIS" runner inspiration.

3. Saucony Bullet Capris. I want this pair.
4. A motivate wrap.  Actually, I want two. One for during my run, and one for every day wear.  I think "RELENTLESS" or "no excuses" for the run, and "RUN and be happy" or "runner GIRL" for every day. You can get custom ones tho, which is why I haven't ordered. There are just too many choices.

5. From that same website, I'd also like a set of "foot notes" for myself, and one for my running buddy. I think I'd get us both "beast mode". You only have to look through my Instagram comments to see that this is our preferred compliment on a great run.

What is on your running wishlist?

1 comment:

  1. I really like the motivate wraps. And at least you've narrowed down your list for your husband!


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