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Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Day in the Life - March 2016

My BFF Trish is hosting another Day In The Life Linkup and I'm pretty sure participation was mandatory.  I recorded a typical Tuesday, March 22.

5:40  My alarm goes off. This is my "late" alarm, we went to bed later than normal last night because of a school function. I'm in Lauren's bed and Ezio is happy that someone is awake to play.  I stop and brush my teeth and spray some dry shampoo on my way to the coffee pot. (I only wash hair every other day, unless I need to look nicer than usual.)  I always set up the coffee pot the night before so it's waiting for me to get up. This may be the only habit I regularly keep.

You're Awake!?

6:08  Mike is up. Typically, Noah is the first one up, but today it's Mike. He gets coffee too and we sit on the couch in silence a few minutes and check email and facebook. By 6:30 all the kids are up so we start moving faster. I go to get dressed, Mike goes to shower, and we start our first round of "are you dressed yet? how about now? now?" My kids aren't big morning eaters, and no one is hungry today so that helps.  They all get a morning snack at school, and lunch is early, so I don't feel guilty.

7:20 Mike leaves early today so it's left to me to push everyone into coats and find shoes. I very very rarely leave before the kids, but somehow Mike misses this part of the program a couple days a week.

7:30 We are in the car! I hush the kids because my new car is making a noise and I want to record it on my phone.  The car does not repeat the noise but we are halfway to school before the kids realize it and start talking.
That's right, stop being cute when I take the picture.

7:50  First one at work! As usual. One of my bosses gets here and we chat while we wait for the coffee, and then it's time to buckle down.  I have 46 unread email in my various work inboxes. Most of my job is talking to applicants and processing applications for various state licensing boards. There are a lot of checklists involved, and a lot of basic applicant questions (Where do I get...? Where do I send....? Have you received...? Does this qualify?) It's not creative, but I really love it. I especially enjoy that every application has a built in check list, and even though I didn't make this list it is fun to check the last box and hand it off. Most applications take several weeks to complete with documents from multiple sources, and some can be 30+ pages in the end. It's a lot of detail, but I am good at it. (If a bit behind at the moment!)

8:20  Got distracted at the copier talking to one of the ladies we share a building with about last night's elementary school concert. (43 email)

10:00  Email count 65. This is not going in the direction I had hoped.

10:53 Turns out 24 of them were pictures of my worst phobia. This is statement is 100% literally true. And yet, I love my job!  Down to 45 email again.  Note, there is more to my job than email but sometimes email take over.

11:30  Super long call with a training school and it's time for a snack. I brought cottage cheese and cherry tomatoes from home today in an effort to be healthy, but the work pantry is stocked with goodies. I'm starting with my cottage cheese. Go me!  Typically I'd eat lunch around now, but my schedule is off today because I told the kids I'd pick them up instead of them taking the bus at 3.

12:23  I couldn't resist the jelly beans any longer.  Email count: 39

12:45  Trish can't help but ask if I've forgotten to keep track. Nope! So far so good!

2:00  Still working. Haven't go back into the jelly beans yet! Email count: 31

2:48  Finally! Time to go get my kids and run them home. The boys don't enjoy the after school program and are finally old enough to be home alone for an hour or so. We reward good behavior at school with this hour of free time.  Meanwhile, my email count is at 27.

4:00 Back at work. Picked up the boys and got halfway home before Tristan told me he forgot his take home math test and science presentation, both due tomorrow. We had to run back to school to get those and then back home again. Then I had to run a work errand at 3:30 that I skid into just exactly at 3:30 and now I'm back at my desk. I grabbed a snack of carrots and snap peas out of the office pantry and hopefully that'll carry me home at 5:00. Nope, had a handful of Pringles too.

4:50 One more quick meeting with my boss and I'm heading out at 5. Feeling fairly behind on most of my work today, as most of it was spent replying to email and putting out fires. Current email count: 16.

5:00 Leave work and head over to pick up Lauren at the after school program.  Got home to find Mike just back from a run, so I threw on my running clothes and headed out while he made dinner.  2.78 miles in light rain, real feel temp= 40F. Slightly chilly, but my running jacket is cheap and doesn't breathe so it was pretty sweaty inside.  Got home just as everyone was sitting down to eat (Red Beans and Rice with Ham).

Not my actual rainy run, Sunday's trail run.

6:00 Bath night. Oh joy. Not. Start baths and realize someone has to go get milk or there will be no coffee in the morning, so once Lauren is out of the tub I head to the store.

7:30 Home from the store to discover that the child who forgot his take home math test and had me take him back to school for it, did not in fact get his take home math test.  It is not a pretty scene.  We work on the science presentation for an hour or so though and he is amazingly cooperative about it. He's now grounded from fun electronics, so it's straight to bed after we are done.

Maybe next time bring your work home?
9:00  At some point Mike has put Noah and Lauren to bed, so I take Tristan. Sleep has always been an issue at our house, and it's no different these days. Lauren is sleeping in our bed, Noah is in his own, and I lie down with Tristan in his. As usual, I fall asleep there after reading a bit on my phone.

Midnight    I wake up in Tristan's bed and relocate into Lauren's empty bed. Most nights someone other than Lauren ends up sleeping there-- I should REALLY invest in a good mattress!

How was your day? Interested in seeing how other people live? Go over and check out the link up!


  1. Dry shampoo is such a neat idea but I can't do it. My hair is a disaster if not washed daily. I wish I could use it sometimes.

    Your email count got me all riled up. LOL.

  2. What is with kids and forgetting their homework? My big kid who pretty much never does, DID this the other day! Stress!

  3. Loved this. Loved the email count and what I was wondering was how did the jelly beans go with the cottage cheese? Might be an idea. LOL

    And the math test. Well, it's ever thus, right? Great 'sad' picture from the 'forgetter'. Thanks for sharing with us!

  4. I liked walking through your day. My son is named Tristan also, but he's 27.

  5. I adore dry shampoo! Not sure how I survived without it. Oh the math test! I can definitely sympathize with you there - for us it was always spelling words. I used to see those things in my sleep!

  6. I didn't know there was still such a thing as dry shampoo! I remember using it years ago. I actually like cottage cheese (if it's small curd and not runny!) but candy of all sorts is hard for me to resist, even jelly beans, which I don't particularly like! We didn't have the homework headaches as much as other families (or I'm blocking out the memories) but all three kids were procrastinators and there were many, many projects and papers done the night before over the years. Unfortunately, they got that entirely from me, as their father is the complete opposite! *sigh* Well, they're off on their own now, and doing well, as yours will be someday, too!

  7. I do the same thing with my hair, especially in the winter when the last thing my hair needs is more drying out! So much I miss about when my kids were young but so much I don' homework!

  8. I hate when my girl forgets something at school. She's old enough now that I can just tell her she has to deal with it herself. I've also had to bring her flute to school. :(

  9. With 3 kids, I'm sure there's never a dull moment at your house!

  10. I always set up the coffee pot the night before, too... pushing a button in the morning is all I'm capable of! Don't miss those drives back to school to get something one of the three thinks they forgot;-)

  11. Looks like never a dull moment in your house!

  12. I wish I could wash my hair every other day. I have tried the dry shampoo thing but it still feels greasy to me by late morning... SO I keep washing it every morning like clockwork. :)

  13. You crack me up, but this post wasn't mandatory!! xo

    When I was pregnant I could go 3 days without washing (well, wash every third day...MAYBE 4). Now I'm back to every other day and second day doesn't look great. I'm so glad you turned me onto the dry shampoo, though.

    May as well get a good mattress. Elle used to have the good one, but now it's Evie's and it's pretty cush. Was surprisingly affordable. I took a nap there last Friday when I decided to go decaf (that lasted ONE day).

    Your emails stress me out. :)

    Oh, and we love rice and beans as well. Zatarain's? We had their dirty rice mix last night.


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