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Monday, January 31, 2011

Sewing with snowflakes

It is cold here today, actual temps in the negative numbers and a little windy. It takes your breath away when you go outside.  There is a little valley across the street from my front window, and the houses on the other side of it look blurry like it's foggy but it's really just the blowing snow.  We are out of milk, but I don't want to leave the warmth of the house to go get any and I'm hoping I can convince Mike to pick the Pirate up from school. Thankfully, we have no real plans today and we can hunker down and hibernate.

I plan to do nothing productive except laundry and a little sewing. I've starting making a list of sewing goals for the year, kind of like we make reading goals, and I'm looking forward to actually completing a few projects. I might work on those or I might work on the shop, it's undecided at the moment.  My sewing room is a little chilly but once I get going I tend not to notice.

I'm also tempted to go curl up in bed with the baby girl, but that sounds better than it ends up being.

What would you do if you were stuck inside on a weekday?

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  1. I love when I don't have anywhere to go on a weekday! Read. Bake. Blog. Play games with kids.

    Want an easy recipe to bake? Seriously easy? Even the crust is easy!

  2. Hey, I'm out of milk too. The Girl is the only one who drinks it. The rest of us drink Almond milk but she won't budge. Since we are having people over for Superbowl Sunday, and I know I have to make a big shopping trip to prep for it, I don't want to go to the market just for milk. Awful, huh?

  3. Staying home all day sounds fantastic until you do it because you're stuck there! I'm glad it's not that cold here. If I was stuck home all day I'd probably read.

  4. I'm stuck inside on a weekday! It's 7 here in Dallas. SEVEN...IN DALLAS! I'm as shocked as everyone else. The college where I work is closed, as is the kids' schools. Planning to spend some time reading and grading online classwork today.

  5. Like Andi, I am stuck inside. I actually got all dressed up to go to work (funny sight with my dress pants tucked into my socks so I could put on my boots), but when I couldn't even open my gate to get to my car I bailed. Luckily everyone else on my team did too so I don't have to be the wimp (although I live a good 10 miles further north than everyone else).

    Think I'm going to go sew for a bit. Then write a blog post for future. Then read. Then bloghop. Then...the possibilities are endless. Just don't want to waste this precious day to myself!!!!

  6. I work for the public school system and since Indiana is expecting its worst winter storm in 20 years, ALL schools are closed. Of course, I'll have to do something a bit productive (laundry is my chore of choicce), but most of the day will be spent READING (books, blogs...) and watching movies!!

  7. I would like to say that I spend the day reading or baking or something cool like that, but the truth is that when I don't have anywhere to go on a weekday I usually clean or organize something. If my boys are with me, then I try to play some games with them. If they aren't, then I do a little something fun for me. (Typically that is chatting with you! hehe)

  8. Read!

    Hint - spend the money on a heater for your sewing room, but maybe you are tougher than I am?


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