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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Ask me anything, but don't call me Shirley.

Yeah, doesn't make sense to me either.

For reasons unknown to me, I decided to do NaNoBloMo in the same month as my first craft show. The same month I start a new part time job, just in time to gear up for the holiday. Smart, so smart. And, as I should have expected, my mind is a complete blank. So, I thought I'd steal an idea from the lovely Heidikins and ask you to ask me anything. I'll answer your questions (cause you need to ask more than one) in a future post. I'm gonna need help if I'm going to post every day.  

Heidi was nice enough to bribe you with a baby sloth. I don't have a baby sloth.  I do have dragon in a field on some random day that is not Halloween, will that work?


  1. Cute idea! Good luck with November... ;)
    I have a two part question:
    1. What Christmas traditions did you grow up with that you've continued with your own family?

    2. What new Christmas traditions did you start with your own family that are different from when you were growing up?

  2. Or you can change Christmas to Thanksgiving if you want to talk Thanksgiving in November!

  3. Ooooh! So exciting!!

    1. What are your favorite books. Both for entertainment value, and for "this book changed how I think/act/function" variety.

    2. Describe your perfect day.

    3. Do you like dragons? What would you do with a pet dragon? Better question, what would you do FOR a pet dragon? What would you name it? Please tell me a story, in 100 words or less, about your imaginary pet dragon.

    4. What is the best piece of advice you've ever received?

    5. Are you the type of person who paints her toenails on a regular basis? Fingernails?

    6. Pet peeves, ready? Go.

    7. Cooking/baking? Or take-out?

    8. Would you ever move back to your childhood home? Why?

    ....ok, that's all. :)



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