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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Recently Random

Griffin park swim beach.

It’s been a while since I posted a random blog entry. You probably didn’t realize you were missing them.
-I recently went to my local library over my lunch hour in the middle of a terrific thunderstorm to see the Overdrive e-bookmobile. My friend Julie was working there and I wanted to say hello and check it out. I was taken completely off guard when I walked (swam) into the trailer and the very nice person who greeted me knew me. Or rather, knew my blog. Eek! (Hi Jane! This post is for you!)
- Kind bars. They are more expensive than most granola bars, but not more than Luna bars and the like. They are terrifically good, and I can pronounce all of the ingredients. My favorite is the coconut almond variety.
-I have been  reading nearly exclusively on the Nook lately. It has gotten to the point where it feels weird to read a paper book.  That said, I have a huge stack of library books that I could not resist this week.
The parade in my front yard.

- The fair was in town last weekend and it turns out there is a small parade that goes right in front of our house. We invited some friends over and turned it into a BBQ. It was lovely. (The above picture is us waiting for the parade to start- and the coals to get hot!)
-The boys are going to summer camp together. They come home physically exhausted every day. It’s both awesome, because they sleep well, and awful, because the Bug is a BEAR.
A Bug in the grass.

-You know how I've said that I find the park incredibly boring? Well I assumed the beach would be worse, what with the threat of drowning. Turns out my kids are completely happy to play at the water's edge without my assistance at all. And since the water gets deep so gradually at the park by my house, there is very little threat of drowning. Plus, it's so close that we don't have to plan a trip there, we can go spur of the moment. I get to sit and read (with one eye) and they get to play in the river. It's a win-win.
-Remember the birds? They hatched and flew away.  It’s crazy how fast they grew.
-I'm still plugging away on the pink and gray hexagon quilt. I'm at 915 hexes, with a goal of around 3000.  It seems possible that I will finish it one day.
-Thanks for all the nice notes after my father-in-law's passing. We really appreciated it.

What's new with you?


  1. It's rather exciting (and nerve wracking) when someone knows you from your blog, isn't it? The parade looks like fun!

  2. I love that BBQ pic. It's very Main Street, USA.

    The Girl is growing up! I can't believe how big she is in that first photo.

    I noticed a real change in my daughter after this last show we did. Usually I have to encourage her to go on stage but this time, she just took it and ran with it. So different.

  3. I read a lot on the Nook, but sometimes I get in the mood to read a printed book. Weird. No ideas where those moods come from.

    And I can't even imagine/picture the ebookmobile!

  4. That beach looks like such a great place to hang out - especially if it's been as hot there as it's been here. I still can't make myself do too much reading on my Nook, it feels like I'm missing something. But if I one day manage to figure out how to get NetGalley books to open on it, it may be a whole different matter. Also, you are clearly better about remembering to keep yours charged than I am!

  5. hi, lisa! your kids are super-cute.

    just dropped my two off at sleepaway camp, whoo. they'll be gone 3.5 weeks, double whoo. but little one found to have LICE, despite my relentlessly battling the little cretins thru both hippie methods and poison, for two months non-stop. (full-grown lice, almost no nits, leading me to think it's reinfection from school rather than existing longterm case.) i'd signed the form saying if they find lice on teh first day, i could either bring her home and treat until lice and nits were gone, or i could let the camp treat for (gulp) $185/hr. given the cost of sleepaway camp, it was a drop in the bucket. but i'm still all GAAAAAAAAAHHHHH.

  6. Hi, Lisa! Nice to meet you in person, and thanks for the shout out!! Jane :)

  7. I feel like I must tell you a trillion times how jealous I am of your beach. I'M SO JEALOUS. Although this week our temps have been much cooler (barely 90, if) and it's been heavenly. Feel like the pregnancy gods are looking out for me...though 10 weeks is still a long time!

    Did I tell you I got a Nook? I owed myself a little something and I couldn't resist the big sale they were having. I LOVE it. But I'm so sad that my cover doesn't fit anymore. I actually got on your shop yesterday and noticed it was bare. And then I googled tutorials on how to make a cover. And then I got bored and forgot about it until now. I'm also excited that it looks like I can download books from the library website ON my Nook without having to mess with going to my actual computer. Yay!

    Princesses hair is seriously the cutest thing ever.


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