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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Here, go save some money. On me.

Lately I've been collecting blogs that scour the internets looking for good deals for ME and then convienently gathering them into one place. I thought that today I would share them with you! These are all blogs that post deals and coupons in various ways. Hopefully you can find a good deal among them. Add the to your reader! And if you know of any I missed, please, post a link!

In other news, my friend Gina completed her first half marathon yesterday! BEFORE BREAKFAST. Go tell her congratulations, will ya?

Remember my to do list? Yeah, I didn't either. I did figure out the problem of the numbers though. Still haven't found the lost journal or returned the library books.

And last, did you ever watch Wings? I used to love that show. So much that I guess I decided I needed Helen's hair today. It's not so good. I really need to pay more attention. And, you know, care.


  1. I once tried to live frugally (on purpose) and it just didn't work out. LOL.

    I used to enjoy Wings as well! It was such a simple little show but I liked the characters.

  2. Thanks for the links. Here is another one

    I LOVED Wings. Lowell was my fav.

  3. Yayyy for deals! I love deals.

    And I hadn't watched Wings for a reallyyyy long time until this morning. The dog woke me up early and I flipped it over to Wings.

  4. I loved that show. And, some of the actors have really done well since it ended.


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